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The UK Antarctic Heritage trust offers a dream job in Antarctica!

Each of us has a different mentality concerning our dream job opportunities. For some working in a huge city with all the hustle and muscle of modern life is a dream job full sub while for some working in a remote place with a very peaceful environment is a dream job for them. that if you are someone who loves to work in a remote place in a peaceful environment, then this article is made for you. Talking about this fantastic job opportunity also comes with a huge plus point, and that is you will only have to count the penguins.

So at the same time, if you are in love with wildlife, especially penguins, you should try to graph this opportunity. Talking about this fantastic offer will also allow you to shift to the world’s most remote post office. Yes, we are talking about the post office located in Antarctica. Now the job offer is catching the attention of many people from around the globe. The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust has provided the details. As per the reports, they are looking forward to forming a new team. Well, this team will be located at Port Lockroy in Antarctica.

Amazing job roles:

The vacancies for this job role are also open as other job rules. It includes a base leader, shop manager, gift shop assistant, and post office assistant. It is from November this year to March next year, as per the trust’s official website information. The trust looks to conserve the six designated historic sites and monuments, it is all located on the Antarctic Peninsula. According to the reports by the BBC, the work will also include the job of counting the penguins, and it is a part of the Gentoo penguin colony conservation.

Physical fitness, environmental awareness, and knowledge of minimum-impact living are what the schools are required for doing this particular job in Antarctica. As for the applications, you can send them only till 25 April. Also, the people who have the right to work in the United Kingdom will be eligible to apply for this particular job role. “Dream of waking up & seeing Antarctica in all its glory? Penguins are plodding around, the sun peeping over snow-topped mountains. A job like no other. Join us & help protect Antarctica’s heritage & conserve its precious environment. Apply by 25 April,” reads the trust’s official tweet.

What do netizens have to say?

All the social media users who came across the information about these job offers were pleased. Many social media users also expressed their excitement to work at such a fantastic place. “Count penguins and run the post office, a dream job for someone,” commented a social media user in the post’s comment section.

Lauren Elliott, who is the postmaster, also worked there in 2019. He was quoted as saying by the BBC that it was “the most magical place in the world.” “It was really exciting, we got to count all the penguins when they hatched. You have to do a lot of cleaning and there’s lots of penguin poo, which we call guano, but there’s never time to be bored – It’s a really interesting place,” he said while speaking to the BBC. This job offer is for people looking forward to working in a peaceful yet exciting environment. Also, if you are fans of the penguins, then why not try to graph this job opportunity. However, it seems like the competition will be tough. Many people are looking forward to having one of the job roles in Antarctica.

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