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Woman drives a lorry to visit Kashmir by going on a road trip!

Anyone can achieve what they are doing regardless of gender, age, or where they belong. This part is so genuine and has again proved it through this 40-year-old woman. The story of the lady from Kerala is now inspiring many people and has become all of the most inspirational stories. Also, many people came across it from around the globe or praised this lady. As per the reports, the 40-year-old woman from Kerala decided that she would drive to her dream destination that is Kashmir.

The lorry went all the way to Kashmir from Ernakulam district. Jelaja Ratheesh, a 40-year-old lady from Kerala, ‘s the one who wrote this cargo. Many people who love traveling usually choose to travel in a car or a bike when they especially set out for a road trip. However, this lady’s choice is something that is now hitting the headlines. She decided that she would go from cargo, and it is now impressing and surprising many social media users. The video documentation of an entire journey is also going very viral. She made the trip along with her husband Ratheesh PS.

A unique road trip:

As per the reports, their relative accompanied the couple, Aneesh K S. Their journey started on February 2. It began from Perumbavoor in Ernakulam district, Puthettu. A lorry ferried plywood to Pune. The three of them later transported loads of onion to Kashmir. “I am going to witness the places seen in movies in real. It’s not in any bus or car, but a lorry. Those sights are indeed special and unfamiliar for us, women,” the lady from Kerala who is driving the cargo is heard in the video. The passed through the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab. Throughout the journey, the came across so many beautiful sceneries and breathtaking landscapes.

Her experience is something that has been inspiring many people now completely stop while talking about her experience. She also stated that a woman being behind the wheels of a cargo lorry is something that has surprised many people. “People have been looking at me with wonder. It boosts my confidence, and my confidence as a woman has increased,” she is heard saying in the video. After delivery in the plywood in Pune, they got into another lorry. The lorry carried all the onions to Kashmir. While talking about your experience, she also spoke to indianexpress.com over the phone. Well, she said, “I was passionate about driving since childhood.

The entire experience:

However, circumstances were not favorable then. After marriage, I learned driving.” “I have been to Mumbai twice on lorry with my husband. As we got an order for Pune, we also enquired about loads to Kashmir from there. The journey was not expensive as we carried loads and slept inside the vehicle. At times, we cooked meals in the lorry,” she added. She further spoke about her entire journey stating the it was not very much tired of her. Also, there are comfortable sleeping inside lorry unlike in a car.” The most memorable part of our journey was the visit to Gulmarg. I couldn’t believe that it happened,” the 40-year-old woman said. Jelaja also loved the beautiful landscape she came across in Punjab.

“The picturesque fields on both sides of the road are sights to behold,” she said. However, she stated that the dirty toilets they had to use were a little troublesome for them. While the try-over was returning, they also transported the plywood from Haryana to Bangalore in Karnataka. As well as from Mysore, they got a lot of sugar to be unloaded in Kerala. she is planning to go with her family and started chalking out plans for the same.

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