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The viral video of a dog patiently waiting for its hooman takes the internet by storm

We often get to see many adorable videos of animals showing their love towards their owners in a very unique way. Especially, videos of many dogs and cats usually get viral every single day on several social media platforms as who can get enough of their adorable moments? Similarly, this video is going viral. Social media users who watched this video are going crazy over the bond between the dog and its owner. The short clip of a dog waiting for a young boy to return from school is an adorable clip to watch. 

Initially, this video was posted on Twitter by the Twitter account @hopkinsBRFC21 and within a few minutes, it has gone instantly viral where it has thousands of views and many people are sharing it on many social media platforms too. In this short clip, we can see a dog waiting for a bus patiently just to see its owner’s face. It’s waiting for a young boy who is returning from school. When the bus arrives and the boy steps down from the bus we can see the dog getting overjoyed to see his friend. Also, the boy is very much happy to see his cute little furry friend waiting for him so patiently. Then both of them are seen running towards the home and the video will just make your day. In the caption of the video which was posted on Twitter, it was written “This is just pure love.”

This short clip shows how much love, the pets can show towards their owners. The video has also now gained several likes and views and also many social media users who watched the video, expressed how joyful the bond between the young boy and his pet dog looks in the video. 

The comment section of the video clip was also filled with so many sweet comments where Twitter users expressed how happy they felt to just witness this amazing beautiful bond between the young boy and the pet dog. The comment section of the video is getting filled with many adorable comments and you can find the mini social media uses  commenting words like “beautiful” and “amazing.” Well, a social media user also commented “That made me smile. Thank you.”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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