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Maharashtra fisherman catches 157 ghol fish and earns around 1 crore!

Surely, sometimes a fortune can change overnight. Well, such a great example is this news where a fisherman who belongs to Maharashtra had no clue that catching such a fish would make him so rich. The fisherman, Chandrakant Tare, along with eight fishermen, were so lucky that they caught a Ghol, which is also known as sea gold, which is a type of black-spotted croaker fish and this lucky catch for the fishermen from Maharashtra’s Palghar district has made them rich as they earned rupees 1.33 crore according to a PTI report.

Chandrakant Tare along with his eight fishermen colleagues set off for sailing and for fishing on the late evening of August 28. They were on the boat harbadevi and they went to Wadhwan which is around 20 to 25 nautical miles. Well, Chandrakanta will never imagine that this fishing trip will change his whole fortune.

source = deccanherald

While they just went to catch some simple fishes, Chandrakant Tare and his team surprisingly got a whole 157 ghol fish, which is of course known as sea gold or it is also known as fish with the heart of gold. As soon as they caught the fish, the crew member celebrated on board by taking some pictures and videos of the catch on their mobile phones. Now, this fish is also known as sea gold as it is a very much demanded fish in countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore. Wondering why this fishes so much in demand? Well, the fish has a high amount of medicinal and pharmaceutical use. Some of the compounds of ghol fish are high in iodine and Omega and its skin is also great in collagen.

So, as soon as Chandrakant Tare and his team caught this lucky lottery of 157 ghol fish, the auction of the fishes was then held in Murbe in Palghar. This whole consequence was brought by Bihar-based traders and Uttar Pradesh-based traders which were amazingly bought for rupees 1.33 crore. As per the reports of a Hindustan Times Chandrakanta told them that this huge sale will now put an end to all his financial worries.

The scientific name of ghol fish is Protonibea Diacanthus, it is also considered one of the most expensive marine fish. It is a type of croaker fish that is used for making cosmetics, medicines, and also thread-making dissolvable stitches and surgery. Well, it can be also said that this fish is highly used for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes, and literally every part of the fish is surely known to be useful. For example, its bladder cures kidney stones, its heart boosts immunity and the fish contains many vitamins, minerals, and proteins that help to maintain eyesight. However, these fishes are nowadays rarely found due to the increase in pollution, and to find this fish fishermen have to venture deep into the sea so that they can get a good catch.

Well, this is not the first time that fishermen from Palghar have become rich, or else we can say that they changed their fortune by catching the ghol fish. In 2018 two fishermen brothers caught many ghol fish, and it also changed their fortune as they managed to select 5.5 lakhs in an auction. The two fishermen brothers Mahesh and Bharat Meher caught this ghol fish and it weighs nearly thirty kgs.

They chanced upon the precious ghol and they also caught it while returning to the Murbe coast and after that netted some pomfrets and other varieties.

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