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The Whole Story About The Santa Clauses. Read to learn the storyline.

The Santa Clause movies are only one of the many movies shown over the holiday season on network television channels. Although the film may not have the extravagant musical set pieces of White Christmas (1954) or the artistic animation of The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), they are undoubtedly entertaining movies that are starting to make grownups who watched them as children feel nostalgic. With the release of The Santa Clauses, which comes more than 15 years after The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006), we can finally see this distinctive interpretation of the holiday mascot once more (2022).

When we thought Scott Calvin’s journey was over, Tim Allen dons the white beard and flamboyant red coat in his limited series. The Santa Clauses is scheduled to arrive in time for the holiday season, even though it hasn’t been a whole year since Disney announced the sequel series in January of this year. We have also learned a lot more about the show and even gotten a sneak peek at what the new show will feature due to the event’s significant participation at this year’s D23 Expo.

The Santa Clauses Release date

On November 16, 2022, a two-episode premiere for The Santa Clauses, which will return to spread Christmas pleasure exclusively on Disney+, has been confirmed.

The Santa Clauses -1

The cast of The Santa Clauses  

Tim Allen will reprise his classic role as Scott Calvin, the everyday guy who gets the chance to become the jolly old Saint Nick, as we’ve already mentioned multiple times. Not everyone from the franchise is returning, though, including Allen. His on-screen wife and Mrs. Claus Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), his first Elf Number David Krumholtz (The Deuce), and his son Charlie, Eric Lloyd, will also appear with him (The Wonder Years). We’re crossing our fingers that Martin Short from Only Murders in the Building and Judge Reinhold from Beverly Hills Cop will return to the franchise after the actors and crew hinted that some other well-known characters from the original trilogy may make an appearance.

(Harold and Kumar) Kal Penn Go to White Castle), Austin, Devin Bright (Monsters at Work), Rupali Redd (Bite Size Halloween), Matilda Lawler (Flora & Ulysses), Laura San Giacomo (Barry), Kane (Godless), and Tim Allen’s daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick, who will make her acting debut in The Santa Clauses, are among the newcomers to the series.

The plot of The Santa Clauses  

Since The Santa Clause (1994) launched this unlikely series, Scott Calvin has been bringing gifts to all the kids in the world. Scott has been Santa for almost thirty years, so it only makes sense that he is getting a little weary. Santa has finally decided to retire as he approaches the ripe old age of 65 and finds himself a successor without falling over a cliff as his predecessor did. Most of what we’ve seen in the trailer and video has the North Pole as its focal point. However, the official synopsis down below suggests that Scott will be heading south to find a suitable replacement: When Scott Calvin turns 65, he realizes he can’t continue to be Santa Claus and begins searching for a suitable replacement while preparing his family for a new adventure in life south of the pole.

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Tim Allen himself indicated that the appeal of The Santa Clauses being a program is that it allows the producers the chance to go deeper into and even broaden the franchise’s mythos while promoting the show at D23. Fans of the movies have questioned the children’s series more as they’ve aged. Did the Santa Scott yelled at in the first movie die, or did he vanish? What became of Mrs. Claus, the previous Santa? Why weren’t the elves upset when a completely different individual at the North Pole carrying Santa’s coat? If Allen’s tease was any indicator, we might soon learn the answers to some of the questions we’ve been asking every Christmas season.


Tim Allen is back as Santa in the reveal teaser for The Santa Clauses, as was to be here, but he has no intention of continuing the role he has had for many years. That’s because the teaser reveals the shocking news that Scott Calvin has decided to step down as Santa, which sends his devoted elves at the toy factory into a complete state of terror. We also see Santa starting to interview candidates who might be in succeeding him as Santa, including none other than Peyton Manning, a star quarterback for the NFL. The trailer ends with a little teaser showing David Krumholtz’s Bernard making his long-awaited comeback. Four exclusive excerpts from The Santa Clauses were also led to the audience during the D23 panel.

The clips feature a conversation between Scott and his wife Carol (Elizabeth Mitchell), Santa reviewing the naughty and nice list, an introduction to the character of Simon Choksi (Kal Penn) and his daughter Grace (Rupali Redd), and Scott having a heart-to-heart with his children Cal (Austin Kane) and Sandra. We recently covered the clips in-depth. The pins feature a conversation between Scott and his wife Carol (Elizabeth Mitchell) (Elizabeth Allen-Dick).


Charlie might appear in the Santa Clauses.

Tim will make a comeback in the new season as 65-year-old Scott Calvin is looking for a new Santa Claus as he prepares to retire. Eric does not appear to be a part of the series as of right now. Of course, we’re all upset that Charlie won’t be there, but Eric seems happy to be in the background.

How many different Santas are there?

Claus ranked 8,911st among all surnames in the United States according to more recent Census data from 2010, just below Heinen and tied with Lerch and Kubiak. We can reasonably assume there are fewer Santa Clauses than the 3,674 Clauses in the United States.

Who performed Santa Claus the best?

In “Miracle on 34th Street,” Edmund Gwenn (1947) is The only actor to receive an Oscar for performing the role of Santa Claus, and it’s clear that the Academy got it right in this instance.

The young boy from The Santa Clause, where are you?

Lloyd could recall being seven years old and having fun in Santa’s workshop with his mother’s aid. At 29, Eric Lloyd resides in Los Angeles, California.


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