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Everything you need to know about the movie “Catherine Calls Birdy.”

Lady Catherine (Bella Ramsey), popularly known as Birdy, is in her adolescence in 1290 when her father forces her to get married. Catherine Called Birdy, which takes place in medieval England, follows Birdy, a witty and free-spirited girl living in Stonebridge’s village. Lord Rollo’s (Andrew Scott) and Lady Aislinn’s (Billie Piper) youngest child, Stonebridge, is no longer the lavish manor to which the family is used. Birdy’s family is not wealthy, and those were the days when they lived in luxury, much like their crumbling mansion.

Lord Rollo, who needs money, sees his daughter as a way to escape his situation of need. In exchange for little amounts of money and a flourishing plot of land, the Lord plans to wed Birdy to a wealthy man. However, Birdy isn’t letting her father off the hook as quickly as the teenage heroines we all know and adore. Catherine Called Birdy is a witty, adventurous narrative of a teenage soul eager to defy her parents and strive for independence, directed by Lena Dunham, the force behind the award-winning HBO series Girls.

Catherine Calls Birdy

Catherine Called Birdy Release date

On September 12, 2022, Catherine Called Birdy had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Amazon Studios has scheduled a limited release for September 23, 2022. Be at ease, though! On October 7, 2022, the film will be exclusively streamable through Prime Video.

The cast of Catherine Called Birdy  

Lady Catherine, a.k.a. our cherished Birdy, is portrayed by Bella Ramsey. Birdy is destined to become a lady, just like the woman who came before her, but she reluctantly goes through the necessary training. Birdy yearns to leave Stonebridge Manor and live an adventurous life, but not everyone agrees with her plan. She is wiser than most of her contemporaries, yet she is still a child at heart trying to understand the vast world she lives in.

For her part as Lyanna Mormont in the ground-breaking television series Game of Thrones, Ramsey is well-known. She also provides the voiceover for Hilda on Netflix. She will soon be seen in HBO’s much-awaited series The Last of Us, in which she will portray Ellie alongside Pedro Pascal. Lord Rollo, played by none other than Andrew Scott, is Birdy’s father. Unashamedly avaricious, Lord Rollo doesn’t think twice about exploiting his daughter to help his family escape poverty.

In the BBC series Sherlock, Scott played the delectably devious Jim Moriarty, one of his most recognizable roles. He received a nomination for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as The (Hot) Priest in Fleabag, which is another memorable part. Other notable people include Billie Piper, who played Lady Aislinn, the mother of Birdy. Piper previously portrayed Belle de Jour in Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. Joe Alwyn, who starred in Mary Queen of Scots, plays Birdy’s uncle George in this film. You may have seen Dean-Charles Chapman in later seasons of Game of Thrones plays Robert, Birdy’s older brother. Ralph Ineson as Golden Tiger, Isis Hainsworth as Aelis, Lena Dunham, and Archie Renaux in unspecified roles also join the cast.

The plot of Catherine Called Birdy  

The movie Catherine Called Birdy is based on the middle-grade book of the same name. The literature and the movie’s plot are heavily based on events in 13th-century England. The Newbery Award-winning book is a historical fiction that draws heavily on the gender, class, and communal roles created in medieval England’s culture.

It was unusual for a novel to be written in the style of Birdy’s journal at the time because women weren’t always know how to read and write. In her memoirs, Birdy describes how her father is clear to marry Birdy off to a wealthy suitor to restore their income. Birdy defies her parents’ wishes because she doesn’t want her future to be by others. As a result, she goes through her coming-of-age experiences and develops the ability to stand her ground.

Catherine Calls Birdy


Prime Video made the Catherine Called Birdy trailer available on August 10, 2022. In particular, the clip introduces Birdy, her parents, Lord Rollo and Lady Aislinn, and her other family members George (Joe Alwyn) and Robert (Dean-Charles Chapman). As the significant patriarch of the family and the first to assert his domineering presence, Lord Rollo emphasizes that his Birdy must get married to his wishes. However, Birdy quickly dismisses every potential husband-to-be who approaches her and asks for her hand in marriage, further hurting her father.

Birdy is young, yet she has a lively personality and a sharp mind. Her mother cannot help but respect and dread Birdy, despite the fact that her degree of maturity tends to irritate her father. Catherine Called Birdy, a film that offers a novel perspective on medieval England, is aptly as having “old world problems, new world attitude.” In the face of discrimination, it is a happy and sad celebration of girls attempting to expand their wings. After all, Birdy is how Catherine is famous.


Why is Catherine referred to as Birdy?

Due to her extensive collection of pet birds, Catherine is famous as “Birdy.” Her three older brothers are men. Robert, the oldest, is a knight. Even though she is only 12, he marries her. And she passes away while giving birth to their child due to difficulties.

What’s the subject of the book Catherine Called Birdy?

Catherine, Called Birdy, talks about various topics, including her everyday activities (fighting fleas, spinning, and embroidering). So festivals and special days (like Easter or May Day, all of which are by the entire community), and her brief excursions in England.

What happens in Catherine Called Birdy’s climax?

 To leverage Shaggy Beard’s resources to save an exploited bear, Catherine ultimately consents to marry him. But just before he arrives, she flees, unable to face the prospect of marrying someone she despises.

The conclusion of Catherine Called Birdy is?

The tale finishes with the revelation that Shaggy Beard passed away. So, in a fight just days before the wedding, but it is clear Catherine must still wed his son. This is the moment where the diary ends. A reader just knows this potential spouse’s age, proximity, and attentive gift-giving.

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