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These Punjab Barber siblings are making masterpieces on the back of the customer’s heads!

Whenever we think of getting a haircut we usually imagine a quick trim or a particular haircut. But there is a talented barber duo who are showcasing their talent of haircuts and want to spread this at a wide range. The barber siblings from Punjab are embossing art on the customer’s hair and surely we can describe their talent in one word: “masterpiece” 

In a small salon which is located in Northern India, at an undescribed place, a haircut does not mean that it is just a dream or true but it is an opportunity to get some art embossed on the back of your head, and the detailed art is the definition for perfection. Rajwinder Singh Sindhu and Gurvinder Singh Sindhu the Punjabi brothers in Dabwali town in India’s Punjab state are now becoming famous day by day in small part of the world. As they give some detailed and extraordinary haircuts which are saved in the form of images which are fully depended on the customer’s choice.

From the Taj Mahal, complete with its many turrets and towers, to a lifelike portrait of pop star Michael Jackson, the brothers can emboss anything on the back of your head and will consider all the details of the image. With the help of a wide range of trimmers, scissors, and pencils, among other tools, the brothers can fully satisfy their customers by the perfect embossing of the image. They use all these tools to get every minute of the detail of hairdos correct.

According to the reports, the brothers had an interview in which they also talked about the hardships they faced to reach such perfection. They talked about how they used to spend a lot of time practicing until they felt that skills are now perfect. Regarding this Rajwinder, the younger of two brothers, said, “In the beginning, we used to give anyone we could get hold of free haircuts so that we could practice our skills on them. Some days we used to practice till 2.00 a.m. because during the day we used to run the regular salon.” 

Presently the brothers who are 29 and 31 respectively, charge anywhere between $20-$30 for their special and amazing hairdos. In the interview, they also shared that they have some plans to take their business outside of India as well so that they can showcase their talent all around the world.

The brothers always get a lot of requests for embossing the images of Bollywood stars, popular sports persons, and even cartoons such as Mickey mouse. They also said that they are seeing a steady stream of customers who want to draw attention to themselves at social gatherings and events. They have also noted that the customers do not want something that will last forever which is the traditional tattoos. 

One of the customers, Darbar Singh, said about the new haircut, and expressed, “Today, I got a tattoo of the Taj Mahal. The monument is very beautiful and with this tattoo, I will stand out in the crowd.”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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