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This dark green kurta by H&M will make you go crazy!

Well, we netizens, and our sense of humor are increasing day by day as we spend more of our time on several social media platforms coming across funny hilarious posts that can make anybody’s day. Can we never get enough of all the funny content on social media platforms? We have come across so many funny videos and articles on so many social media platforms that always tend to keep us entertained even on our bad days. From bizarre content to the ones which have shocked netizens from all around the globe, the internet has always been helping us to know about all the weird stuff around the world too. 

Well, recently one such post is hitting the headlines not only because it has a brand name in it but also because the silly content in the news is something that has attracted the attention of so many social media users from all around the globe who have been using that brand for a while now. This one viral post can safely be included in that list of weird yet very funny related content as the Swedish company who is this famous in known for clothing brand name the action H&M has come up with something that has caused awol on the social media platforms and Desi netizen cannot just get enough of it. 

Well, the Swedish clothing company is known very well in many countries for its unique clothing options that make it available for all the users to buy online as well as in their shops and also are well known for its amazing collection of clothes. Well, the fact that the company has once again become one of the trendy on the internet is because of them selling a pathani kurta. 

Well, can you get over the fact that the company decided to sell the kurta in the name of a jersey shirt dress? Yes, that was the Swedish company that decided to name the pathani kurta on their official website. The website once again has gone crazy viral online and you will surely love to look at the kurta that the company is selling on its official website now. The dark-green plus-size dress is priced at USD 34.99, which is around 2,602 in Indian money.

The picture of the dress was posted on Twitter by Zainab Iqbal. The model was wearing a dress with flared pants in a similar shade in the post. Well, netizens were too shocked to witness it and all the desi social media users went to the comment section to express the hilarious reactions there. comments box with hilarious reactions. A user said  “Did you not get the memo? Buying traditional attire & Kurtas from H & M is all the rage of late. C`est à la mode.”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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