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Amul’s latest cartoon takes the internet by storm! Know about the good message that it shares!

Due to spending so much time in the pandemic, one thing that happened was the quality of the air improving day by day due to lack of vehicles on ten roads which resulted in fewer pollutants obtained in the air. Extending lockdowns has surely helped in bringing down the pollution levels in major cities across India. There was a time when pollution was high. So much so that in Delhi-NCR, the AQI went to a severe level. It has also gone ahead leading to the shutting down of schools and colleges in the area. Well, social media is abuzz and now Amul has released a new cartoon that is focusing a lot on the issue. 

Amul’s cartoon on air quality has reached many social media users online. Amul has shared a newly made cartoon by them that has hit the headlines. Well, the renowned dairy brand showed the Amul girl donning a mask. The girl in the cartoon is seen standing amid smog. It highly resembles the real apocalyptic movie scenes seen in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. 

The increasing pollutants in the air owing to bad weather and stubble burning contribute more and has become a topic of concern now. The conditions are more serious now and they can severely affect one’s health. The dairy brand took it to social media talking about it this time.

“Atmosfear,” the text on the cartoon read, which was posted by Amul. Amul has always been good with its wordplays and yet another example is now trending at a huge level. “So clever and so scary at the same time,” commented one of the social media users on the cartoon. Another netizen said, “It’s no longer an issue in big cities, all of India is witnessing it”.

The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) in NCR and adjoining areas Tuesday directed the closing of all educational institutions. It is including of all schools and colleges till further notice as per the officials. Also, all the ongoing construction activities will be stopped till November 21. Also, people are asked to stay home and work from home for 50 percent of staff in government offices till then. The measures are taken to curb the deteriorating air quality in the affected places. 

The directive comes as Capital’s air quality slipped back into the ‘severe’ category with an AQI level of 403. It was known on Tuesday and not only in the city of Delhi, but even in Mumbai air quality has degraded. It has been severely affected where the city recorded the worst air quality of this season on Tuesday with an AQI of 280.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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