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This Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata has set a theme on Sonu Sood! Know more

Sonu Sood has found much respect and lauds in the past 18 months as he has always taken a great step in helping the people who were suffering through the covid-19 pandemic crisis. He has extended his support in many ways to many people out there. He helped thousands of people by arranging a lot of buses to ensure that they reach their homes safely during the lockdown which happened in 2020 and 2021. Since then Sonu Sood is held by many people out there as a savior and people compare him to a real-life Hero. 

In addition to this, not only the actor arranged transport services for people to reach their home but he has also supplied many essential things, delivered oxygen cylinders, arranged the needed medicines, and has also taken part in different covid relief work for people even though he didn’t know them personally. Shortly, by extending support to all the people, he has proved that his practical solutions and perfect decisions have made him the “go-to” man during this coronavirus pandemic. 

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As Sonu Sood always tried to help everyone despite not knowing them, his emails, WhatsApp, Social Media accounts were always filled with a lot of requests for help as people had faith in him that he would surely extend the support. And Sonu Sood too tried his best to help out people, by answering too many requests. It was indeed a great initiative taken by him.

While many fans pay tribute to his great works, this time, a city in Kolkata, which is all decked up for the celebration of Durga Puja has made a great tribute for the actor. 

In Kolkata’s Kestopur Prafulla Kanan, the Durga Puja committee has made this year’s pandal theme in such a way that they have dedicated this theme to the fisherman and other people who were affected by the floods and the cyclone yaas which took place in Sundarbans. So, according to the reports of India today, in this year’s Durga Puja celebration, the committee has decided to incorporate a whole village. For this, they created some statues of fishermen and families. The huge twist is that they have also incorporated a life-size statue of Sonu Sood and it can be seen carrying some essential items in his hand. Villages that are located near and in the Sundarban area were badly affected by the floods and cyclone Yaas which happened this year. This damage started in 2020 the time when Cyclone Amphan made landfall. 

Well, every day or the other the actor always makes the headlines for the great tribute that is paid by all the fans to him and including his followers too. Talking about this, last week a netizen, known to be Somin on Twitter, shared a hilarious yet amazing post of the fan art but with the twist that the actor’s portrait was painted on a SIM card, he tagged Sonu Sood in his tweet.

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