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YouTube is rolling out a new feature for all video creators! Know about it in detail!

YouTube has recently announced that the platform will be opening the feature of life in the caption for all the video creators on the platform. Well, until now, the feature was only limited to YouTubers who had more than 1,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. The company has also simultaneously released an official statement saying that along with this feature, the company has decided on some other future improvements that they are planning to come up to the platform soon, in its official blog. 

The availability of all these changes is soon to be expected. Also, YouTube has finally decided to roll out this feature for all the video creators to make the hard-of-hearing users easy to access the platform in a much more efficient way. Also, YouTube has confirmed that this feature of the live auto-caption will now be available in 12 more languages instead of just English. In addition to it all the other improvements that are coming to the platform might also include the feature to add multiple audio tracks to a video a YouTuber has created. It will help the video to support multiple languages at the same time.

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Also, YouTubers will notice that on smartphones they will now be able to support the auto-translate captions feature by the company. YouTube has also stated that the expanded language support for live and auto-translate captions will be available to the users within the next few upcoming months. As per another statement made by the video platform,  multiple audio tracks feature will be more widely available “in the coming quarters.” 

Also, the team of YouTube has officially announced that they have been planning to “experiment” with allowing users to search through video transcripts on their mobile devices. As per the reports, the company has also been working on the Subtitle Editor permission feature. Well, the feature will allow creators to designate other users to add subtitles to their videos.  The feature might also be able to replace the community captions feature which has been removed by YouTube. The company stated that they will be opening up about the feature “in the coming months.” 

YouTube has also been deciding to end its tradition of creating year-end ‘Rewind’ videos going forward. As per the company the feature has cited the expansion of the platform and made it “impossible to encapsulate its vastness and diversity within a minutes-long compilation”. In 2018, YouTube Rewind set the record for the most dislikes of any video on the platform. Well, many creators complained that it ignored the video platform’s community by featuring mainstream celebs instead of homegrown YouTubers.

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