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This is what WHO has to say about the covid 3rd wave!

It’s been months since people are facing the effect of coronavirus. This effect of coronavirus has changed many people’s lives and people are expecting the end of coronavirus as soon as possible. But unfortunately, the third wave of coronavirus is going to start within a few weeks. According to, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced the spread of third-wave coronavirus this week. They have already alarmed everyone about the spread of the third coronavirus wave. This wave will be mostly the delta variant of coronavirus that was first reported in India. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also given a Red flag to India as it may start spreading quickly in India too. As the people were already worrying about the spread of coronavirus, this news has shocked the people all around India, and the tension regarding the spread of 3rd wave has also increased more.

Already many countries in the world have started facing the third wave of coronavirus. So the government is planning many effective ways so that they can take control over it. 

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According to some reports, it is said that the situation in India is under control, but till now there are people who have not got the vaccine or have not increased their immunity. And because of this, the government has said that the next 2-3 months will be extremely important, as everyone has to take safety measures, even more, to take control over it. 

It is predicted that the third wave of coronavirus will hit India by August end. It is known that maybe the third wave of coronavirus is the delta variant of the virus, but maybe less tense than the 2nd wave. If the immune-escape variant of the virus starts spreading and by any chance, the government eases all the restrictions, then it will spread quickly and it can be proved more severe than the second wave. 

It is predicted that the third wave coronavirus would end within a month or could spread and even the situation could be even worse. But if the restrictions are kept strictly as they were before and the virus also remains stable then it can be said that the count of the cases will lower down. 

The delta variant of coronavirus was first found in India and including India, it is also found in 111 other countries. According to some reports we are facing the early stages of the third wave. This has become a fear among everyone that whether the third wave of coronavirus will be controllable or not.

The government has suggested people continue following all the safety measures to avoid getting affected by the third wave, like avoiding mass gatherings, wearing masks, sanitizing your hands, and maintaining social distance. People are suggested to take covid vaccination as soon as possible to avoid getting affected by the 3rd wave. By following these types of safety measures we can take control over the spread of the third wave. As it is said that the third wave is less intense than the second wave there are many chances that we can decrease the spread of the 3rd covid wave.



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