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This “low budget” Squid Game is making everyone laugh out loud!

The Netflix Korean drama Squid Game is making everyone go crazy over it. It has made a great impact on everyone for now and surely people are loving it. The fangirling or fanboying over the actors are increasing day by day. This drama has been creating waves around the globe, which has resulted in it making it Netflix’s biggest original show debut. As the show’s popularity continues to soar, people have started making videos related to it, either funny TikTok, POVs, or even a remake of some of the show’s iconic scenes. But this remake video by a group of kids from Nigeria is winning hearts online.

If you are a social media addict along with a fan of the Squid Game series, your feed may have been filled with a lot of memes and videos of the series or anything related to it. So after a series of memes and challenges, a hilarious parody of the hit show is now a sensational talk for everyone online. As the kids have recreated shot-by-shot perfectly, the internet’s favorite parody creators, known as The Ikorodu Bois’s stunning ‘low budget’ representation have indeed left fans impressed online, and netizens can’t stop themselves from reacting.

From wearing similar green tracksuits which were worn by the show’s participants, till wearing similar make-up as the doll, the talented boys not only recreated various props but also slew the expressions of each character.

Not forgetting to inform, what stole the show was the eerie portrayal of the giant creepy doll, played by a girl saying “red light green light”. The awesome creators shared the video along with a caption that reads, “If the Squid game was shot in Ikorodu.” 

From using a huge cauldron pot for imitating the huge ball containing the cash prize to simply pasting bags of chips for recreating the tiger VIP mask, their innovative solution has amazed people across social media platforms. With their super amazing attention to detail, netizens praised them for their resourcefulness to bring joy and happiness to all online. The videos are circulating on the internet at a wide range.

One Twitter user commented, “Will somebody PLEASE give these kids their OWN STUDIO…NOWWW! This is amazing! Lol”, while the other one wrote, “You guys never cease to amaze and entertain! Omg and the resourcefulness for the props, spot on! Love love yall and can’t wait to see your first feature-length in the theater.”

Yet another one wrote, “The close attention to all details is just an amazing thing to see..the dude literally mimicked the main actor speaking Korean.. ikorodu bois always deliver! Top!” 

And one user wrote, “These kids are soooo talented with the little resources they have. Just imagine what they could create with a budget.” 

Indeed the kids are so talented, it would be amazing to see them someday creating something with a budget. Sure the kids would do their best and amazing, as they are doing great at this age without any budget, making people laugh with their acts and parody. People are surely in love with them and with their parody.

The super thrilling and amazing K-drama starring veteran actor Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-Soo, Lee Byung-hun along with others has a thrilling plotline that also captures raw emotions to show how desperate people can be for money. The story revolves around a contest that actually starts with 456 players but then the numbers keep going down as players are terminated for the huge cash prize which is at stake. Then gradually things take a dark and sinister turn.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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