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This man and the elephant shows amazing basketball tricks in the viral video!

Elephant videos have always been super trendy because of their adorable behaviour with humans. Also, it is true that netizens have always been interested in the elephant videos where we do get a glimpse of their day to day life or the different abilities that they hold to know about. Well, such a video of an elephant is currently going so crazy viral on the internet that it has been winning thousands of hearts and people cannot just get enough of the amazing elephant in the video.

We often come across some of the most entertaining videos one can come across on the internet and this particular video has surely been top. Well, it is also true that it is not common for social media users to come across a video where they can see an actual elephant helping a man fly while playing basketball. Yes, you read that right. This particular Instagram video will surely amaze you. 

The short clip is currently doing so many rounds on the internet and ever since available online, has been spreading like wildfire on so many social media platforms. In the short video clip, you can see an elephant stepping on a plank. It is the same plank from which the man ‘flies off’ to perfectly dunk a basketball. The video was initially shared by an Instagrammer named Jonah. The Instagrammer took the internet by storm by posting such a unique video of him and the elephant. He is in this video featuring TikTok’s popular elephant boy, named Rene Casselly. Rene is also very well known for his amazing videos.

All the videos are with members of his elephant family. In this video, you can see an elephant initially go ahead to step on a plank. It is the same plank where at the other end Rene stands. As soon as the elephant steps on it, Rene immediately does a flip. The most amazing fact is that Rene manages to do a perfect flip and at the same time he flies over the head of the elephant in the video to dunk the basketball. 

The timing and the flip is so perfectly done in the video that it makes the video jaw dropping. Surely, this video is something that can make your boring day interesting. The video has gone so viral that it has got more than 2.1 lakh likes now. Also, the video has managed to get many reactions on the internet which showed how much the social media users were surprised to witness the bond between the elephant and the man in the video. While some social media users couldn’t believe their eyes. Also, many others expressed how amazing the trick was to watch.

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