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This optical illusion will blow your mind. Have a look at it!

We are seeing that from the past few months people are getting super crazy about optical illusion solving puzzles on the Internet and it has become one of the most popular things to use your time productively. When it comes to solving puzzles or optical illusions, not only does it take a good amount of time but also it is something that is very entertaining to do that has attracted many social media users. It is also something that has got so much attention as the fact that a simple photo can keep you busy for hours and hours. 

Similarly, such a simple photo of a checkered pattern is now going crazy viral on the Internet. The optical illusion has become one of the hottest topics of the town and also it was successful to hit the headlines as it has left people on Twitter feeling perplexed online and many others amazed by looking at it. Laurel Coons, a genomics researcher, was seen sharing a photo on Twitter and asked people to “find the curved line”. As per the post Shadow researcher you can see that in the image, what looks like a textured granite block consists of many multiple thin green lines. 

These green lines in the image appear to divide the block into tiny boxes. If you just give a quick glance at the image then it seems like there are many curved lines. The moment one tries to focus on one and attempts to locate it, they seem to transform into a straight line. As soon as it was available online it just took a few hours for the quirky photo to pique the interest of many social media users online. Also, it caught the attention of so many netizens who tried to unearth the mystery behind the optical illusion. 

There are also a few social media users who after looking at the photo commented that the photo made them feel light-headed. And few social media users said that this photo, which is truly an intriguing picture, gave them a headache. Some were still impressed by it and wanted to know the logic behind the unique optical illusion. Well, it is surely not the very first optical illusion that is going so viral on the Internet and several other social media platforms. Some time back there was another similar optical illusion that was blowing the minds of so many social media users and many were spending a lot of time just to know the science behind it. It was none other than a viral blue or white dress that took social media by storm.

 The post went crazy viral back in 2015. Also to make a note of there are many such puzzling photos that have created a buzz across social media platforms over the years. Earlier this year, a photo of a ‘man’ running into the snow was something that became a very hot topic of the town and left netizens confused. Well, in reality, it turned out to be a dog. Similarly back in May, a photo of a little girl shocked netizens after she appeared to be sinking into concrete. it took a very long time for many social media uses to crack up the logic behind it and the comment section was actually filled with many people trying to get to know the answer and in order to solve the problem, many social media users also tried to give several hints to others.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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