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This video of a colour changing hat is making everyone amazed! Know more

Optical illusions are something that always stuns people with their magical effects and thus they also confuse the viewers and leave them amused. People of every age always love optical illusions and this optical illusion never fails to impress anyone. You may have come across many such optical illusions videos if you are an active social media user, and, surely, you may have loved every optical illusion video. If you are someone who loves these types of videos well this is the right spot for you. Recently a video that was shared by a woman has left everyone baffled. The video is spreading on a wide range on the internet, as people are amazed by it. 

According to some reports, it is known that the TikTok user, who goes by the name Otelia Carmen, initially shared a video of her woolen hat. Don’t be mistaken that this is a normal woolen hat. The special feature of this was that it can change its color when it is moved around. Sounds amazing and creative right? Of course, it is and that’s what the internet thinks! 

So this video was shared on tik tok account @oteliacarmen by Carmen. Well, as soon as she posted this video on her tiktok account this went viral as it caught the attention of many people on the internet. The people are so amazed by this video that they have been sharing this on other social media platforms which have been gaining many types of reactions. 

As per some reports, Carmen stated that when she purchased the hat from the store, she noticed that it was green in color. But the amazing part is that when she brought it home and took it outside to have a look, the hat changed its color to brown.

In the video, it can be seen that Carmen shows the difference in the color of her beanie from when she purchased it and when she brought it home. Carmen then checks and moves the hat around and surprisingly, the hat changes its color. It was written on the post made by Carmen that lighting should be just as important as the color/material selections are important in interior design. And further, she also mentioned the reason for this illusion and wrote that it may be because of  ‘Metamerism’.

Well for the ones who may not be aware of this word, Metamerism refers to a concept where a color change appears in any colored because of the different spectral emissions from different light sources.

According to the NY Post, as each light source has its unique color, the color of a surface is impacted when all light sources fall on a colored surface. As the lighting in Carmen’s house was different from the store she had purchased the beanie from, hence there was a difference in the color of the woolen hat.

The hat even changed its color inside Carmen’s house to green the moment she went into the bedroom from a dark brick red at the time when she was standing in the dining room.

Well, of course, this is rare to see. So the internet users were not only astonished and amazed with this video, but some also found it difficult to believe that the hat could change color within some seconds. As some found it hard to believe, some users even said that Carmen had edited the video, while another user wrote that it was difficult for their brain to comprehend what was happening.

The video went so viral that this amazing video has gained over six million views since it has been shared on many social media platforms and the Internet. Many people were reminded of the blue and black or gold and white dress optical illusion that was a viral talk and took social media by storm in 2017.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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