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This e rickshaw driver from Bengal gives free rides to the ones who answer his GK questions!

Now and then, we come across many videos on the internet and the internet surely churns out stories of unique people all over the country. The Internet is one of the best places for people who are not only inspiring but have a unique story as well. There are many such stories and videos in the interest which are shared so that the people can gain recognition for their talents. Well, similarly, Suranjan Karmakar, who is an e-rickshaw (toto) puller from Liluah, Howrah, is one such person who will make you amazed with his knowledge and also the eagerness he carries to learn more.

A post that was shared on Facebook by the user, named Sankalan Sarkar, gave some details about his toto ride in Karmakar’s toto. “Today I met one of the most interesting people I’ve ever come across in Liluah. We were traveling on his Toto (battery run e-rickshaw, for those who haven’t been on one) to Rangoli Mall when suddenly he turned around and asked us, ‘I’ll let go of the fare if you can answer 15 general knowledge questions that I’m going to ask you.’,” Sarkar explains in the caption of the video which he uploaded.

During their ride, Karmakar asked Sarkar many such GK questions, such as ‘Who is the first chief minister of Bengal’, and continued to quiz him on a wide range of topics. And it has to be said that Sarkar was thoroughly impressed. But that’s not all, Karmakar went ahead, and then he shared that he had to drop out of school when he was in the sixth standard but even though he dropped out of the school, that didn’t diminish his thirst for knowledge. As a member of the Liluah Book Fair Foundation, Karmakar keeps laminated photographs of historical as well as eminent personalities on his e-rickshaw and he also wears a skull cap affiliated with Islam to let people know that he embraces both Hinduism and Islam. How amazing!

This video has impressed everyone on the Internet and thus the netizens have been praising him continuously and sharing the video all over social media platforms. As the netizens were left surprised that the force has received many likes and also comments and thus it is shared on other social media platforms too. The post received huge appreciation from netizens and left many surprised. From addressing Karmakar as fascinating to praising his hunger for knowledge, people showered the comments section with love and appreciation. The people were astonished by looking at the unexpected series of questions asked by Karmakar, and thus they appreciated his wild knowledge about everything even though he dropped out of school. 

Surely the internet is the best place to showcase the talent of yourself or even other people. The Internet is the best place to gain recognition for talent and also for knowledge. And now it is the use of the internet for sharing the talent of other people and as well as their talents are spreading on a wide range. The netizens never leave a chance to appreciate people’s talent. And for these situations, the internet is the only way to spread the talent of one person all around the world.

Well, many may not know, but in 2018, a YouTube channel by the name Samastipur Times even shared a video of Suranjan Karmakar in which he’s seen talking about his life story and his love for knowledge. This surely shows that one can do anything and achieve anything even though the person faces obstacles.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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