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Tom Holland keeps his word! Meets Bridger Walker along with Zendaya!

Sometime back, the news of a boy saving his little sister from a dog attack became a sensation on the internet for a very long time. Not only did his bravery become the hot topic of the town but also he had earned plaudits online not just from many. Along with many social media users, some of the most cherished superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) praised the little boy for his bravery. Well, the tiny real-life hero finally got to meet Spider-Man.

Hanging out with Spiderman is a dream for many kids and for this little boy came true. He could hang out on the film’s set with all the cast and crew. Back in July, a 6-year-old kid named Bridger Walker showed the world his brave act and left many impressed by his bravery. He fought off a violent canine in order to protect his baby sister from it. The young boy received grievous injuries on his face and he also received around 90 stitches. For his brave act and love for his baby sister, he was praised by ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans, ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr, ‘Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo, and many others.

There were some who even gifted him Marvel memorabilia, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland back then had promised to hang out with him. He promised to meet him on the set of the third installment of his Spider-Man film series when it would begin production. Well, Holland kept his word as Spider-Man: No Way Home hit the screens, Walker’s father, Robert, posted an update on Instagram. He shared the post, confirming how Holland kept his word and made hai son happy. Holland, not only just met the little boy but he also asked if he was willing to fill in for Zendaya for a practice stunt.

In the now-viral video shared online, you can see Holland is in a full Spider-Man suit and is holding Bridger in his arms. The duo is seen doing the web swing. The kid’s dad wrote,  “When we first arrived on set, I was a little apprehensive that once the “curtain was pulled back” that the magic of the movies would be lost for the kids. The opposite was true! Tom, Zendaya, Harry, @lifeisaloha, @tonyrevolori, and the entire cast/crew made our kids feel like stars,”  “They don’t just act the part of friendly neighborhood heroes – that’s what they truly are,” he further said.

“It was emotional to see him wave at the kids like he was the one that was supposed to be excited – not the other way around,” the father told Holland. He also further added that he was moved to see the Hollywood hero treating his children with so much love and care. The family stated that Tom Holland also taught little Bridger, a Marvel fan, how to strike the proper Spider-Man pose which is truly heartwarming.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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