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An 87-year-old man got his bachelor’s degree along with his granddaughter on the same day!

We often hear people saying that there is no age limit to learn or to do anything, and this fact certainly became true for Rene Neira. Neira, who is at the ripe old age of 87 got a bachelor’s degree in Economics successfully now. Something that has become even more trending on the internet today is the heartening fact that the 87-year-old man was joined by his granddaughter Melanie Salazar on the same day. The duo was present in the commencement ceremony together. She was awarded a BA in Mass Communications.

Her grandfather, who is terminally ill, was in a wheelchair during the ceremony. However the fact that his illness did not let his self-confidence down and this did not stop him from participating enthusiastically. History has now become an inspiring moment for many that were shared by UTSA College of Liberal and Fine Arts on their official Facebook and Twitter handles. The news has recently got the attention of many social media users around the globe and all that isn’t who came across that have been showering their love and praising the 87-year-old degree holder.

Many social media users have also been pouring congratulatory messages from around the world making the post one of the most trending posts right now. The post has been shared by Diego Bernal, Member of the House of Representatives of Texas, Rolando Gómez, screenwriter and photojournalist, and Senator José Menéndez along with others. As per reports, Neira’s granddaughter stated that Neira had attended St. Mary’s University in the 1950s, but left college after he got married. 

Later, after his wife’s death, he wanted to complete his education and decided to get a degree. Finally, back in 2016, he joined his granddaughter at UTSA College of Liberal and Fine Arts. At that time, he was 82 when he entered college again. That having so many similar stories has inspired many people to get educated no matter what age they are. Many stories of people fulfilling their dream of completing their education at old age have always become something inspiring and social media users tend to just fall in love with such stories. Back in 2015, a 94-year-old US man graduated from college. 

Also, such a story of a retired professor M K Prem who had been enrolled in multiple courses in Rajasthan University caught the attention of many social media users around the globe. Not only were many Desi netizens super happy to know about the news but it was something that inspired many people to get enrolled and all their favorite causes no matter what age they are and to fulfill their thirst for learning whenever they want. These stories over time prove again and again that for some people out there knowledge is something that matters to them a lot.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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