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Victory Brinker becomes the world’s youngest Opera singer at the age of 10!

The youngest Opera singer in this is Victory Brinker. She is famous worldwide, and this young girl became the youngest Opera singer at the age of 7. The seven-year-old also holds the Guinness World record for becoming the youngest Opera singer. Victory Brinker is famous for his amazing skills and is currently getting trained twice a week with a coach. We know that it takes many years for people to master Opera. 

The craft of Opera singing is not a cup of tea for everyone. But a victory Brinker can already be seen in 7 languages, which attracts a lot of attention from around the globe. The young girl can reach over 3 octaves, and currently, she is hitting the headlines. In 2019, she gave eight performances at the famed Pittsburgh Public Theatre’s Lights. She was also present in the Legends show and became the youngest professional opera singer. 

A new record:

Last Sunday, Brinker received certification from Guinness World Record. The young girl officially becomes the ‘youngest opera singer (female). It is just after three years of her performance at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre’s Lights and Legends show. Since 2019, she has done a lot of the same and appeared in different popular shows.  

It includes Little Big Shots, Wonderama, and Dr. Phil. In 2021, she made it to the headlines again after all the judges gave her the golden buzzer at America’s Got Talent season 16. The young girl lives with her parents and ten siblings in Pennsylvania, US. Well, she started showing her skills and singing when she was just a toddler. Her mother encouraged her a lot, and her daughter recognized her talent. Brinker was adopted as a baby and started singing at seven. She was just a toddler.

What Brinker said:

While speaking to the Guinness World record, she said, “I sing in the morning, in the shower, at dinner, at school, and even when I’m falling asleep. My family says I even sing in my sleep!”. The young girl is working super hard to improve hostels by rehearsing New pieces. It is along with her coach who trains her twice awake. And she also keeps practicing every single day with her mother. It is great to know how much young talent is being praised around the globe. Well, once a similar story also from India is going super viral right now. A young boy who is just seven years old from Tamilnadu broke the previous Guinness World record. 

In India, Nitish V B, earlier this month, was able to identify 60 DC Comics characters. And It all happened in just one minute. Also, on March 20, 2022, para-swimmer Jiya Rai created another great history. It is why we are becoming the youngest and the fastest female in the world right now. She was able to swim across the Palk Strait.

Where is Victory Brinker from? And other details:

Victory Brinker is the youngest American Opera Singer in the world. She also got three golden buzzers from the judges shocking everyone in America’s Got Talent 2021. Also, she is currently ten years old and is from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States. She was also born in Pennsylvania, United States, and is residing in America. The young singer can sing seven different languages with a huge fan following. She also now holds a Guinness World record for being the youngest singer who can sing Opera. 

She has gained a lot of fame after appearing in different American reality TV shows and is very famous for her beautiful skills and voice. As for the reports, the young singer now has a coach and is getting professionally trained to become an Opera singer.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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