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Swiss man stuns everyone as he juggles football while skiing!

We know that many social media users are absolutely in love with different sports. Sporty people usually come across many sports videos, and among them, especially football lovers, are certainly crazy about it. Well, football is indeed one of the most widely loved sports globally. Also, it is played everywhere, and people love the sports having famous footballers as their idols. From Sandy beaches to snowy regions, you can play football anywhere if you have the perfect skills. Now such a video that is going incredibly viral on several social media platforms is something that attracted many football lovers.

Talking about this video, many social media users see a professional freestyle skier. Well, Andri Ragettli is a professional freestyle skier, and he was able to show his skills amazingly. He showed his love for the sport of football and his favorite soccer team as well. He is a real fan of the team Real Madrid. In the viral video, you will see him juggling a football while skiing. 

Viral video:

 He was talking about the now-going viral video initially shared by the official Instagram account of Real Madrid. Well, they are one of the most famous football clubs worldwide. Also, they have a huge fan following, and they are always ready for any update by them. In the popular video, you can see Ragettli masterfully kicking the ball. He is kicking the ball from one foot to another as he slides over snow-covered slopes. He is seen playing football, but we are also seen showing his skills in his skiing gear. The fact that has impressed many social media users around the globe is that the ball did not touch the ground even once.

 In the entire video, you can see him handling the ball so that it did not even touch the ground slightly. Further, as you watch the video, you will see the swiss skier doing a full flip over a slope. It is just before tossing the ball towards the camera and stating, “Hola Madrid!”. With that, the video comes to an and people are left amazed by it. So for talking about this viral video, it has gotten more than 1.2 million views on Instagram.

The amazing reactions and comments:

 Ragettli also shared one of the versions of the same video on his official Twitter account. Talking about his Twitter account, the shared video has more than 44,000 views. All the social media users, especially the fans of the club, took to the comment section of the post to share their views. Many people love how he managed the ball even while skiing. They were also people who loved his skills and praised him for having sex with amazing skills. 

The comment session of the post is all about his exceptional skills and how he is so much fun doing it. While talking about his amazing skills, one of the social media users wrote on Twitter saying, “Yoooooo❗️🤩 that’s Awesome. I bet I could do that after I learned to ski and worked on my dribbles!! NO LIMITS!!”. Other people also took it to the post’s comment section to share their positive reviews and praise him. 

However, not all posts related to football need to demonstrate some amazing skill sets. In February, a video of four nuns playing football in Rome went super-viral at a wide range. Talking about the video, you will get to see it still on several social media platforms is going super viral. The video is wholesome, and it is a fun element that attracts many people from around the globe.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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