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Viral image showing a man sitting in his rickshaw having layers of grass and plants goes viral.

Even if we are just staying with an four walls we can enjoy nature and be a perfect nature lover by using social media platform. It is great to know how so many social media users do different things to incorporate a part of nature in the day to day life. Some people have small Garden inside the room itself while some people love to take pictures of Amazing scene abuse and capture it in their camera. Very hard to maintain a garden of your own because of a day today.

Many people have tough jobs to do and they cannot take care of a garden or the plants the grow at home that he can be a true nature part of nature in his work. He was able to try out different innovative ideas to make his everyday work life more amazing. It is quite interesting to know how people can make they are livlihood. This innovative idea of the man from India is now becoming a topic of the town. Everybody is a literally so shocked as well as happy from this idea. Also the viral pictures are making once jard drop in after coming across it.

Viral pictures:

Initially the pictures were shared on a Twitter. But now it is just a content that is doing around on 7 other social media platform. It was initially posted by Erik Solheim. Well, in the image you will get to see a man sitting in a rickshaw. However the fact that makes this picture more interesting is how the vehicle is designed. This vehicle is not something that you will find everyday on the streets. Talking about it it is covered with a lush layer of a Grass. Yes you write that right. You will get to see the vehicle also being decorated with several small spotted plants. It is placed all inside the rickshaw and the people are going crazy about it after giving it a look.

Mini garden in a rickshaw!

“This man grew grass on his rickshaw to stay cool even in the heat. Pretty cool indeed!” Says the caption of the viral post. many other vehicles which actually incorporate AC is or fans in it so that they can keep them self as well as the passenger School. However rickshaw having a so many plants and grass is something truly amazing. Not only this man proved that rickshaws can be designed in a unique way. But also he noted that he could get the natural coolness from the plants. talking about this viral post it was able to get more than 20000 likes on it.

Also there are so many reactions from people around the globe who came across this rickshaw pictures. There are so many social media uses who absolutely fell in love with the idea of this man to make his rickshaw so cool. Also there are so many comments and thoughts regarding the green rickshaw that is found in the comment section of the viral going post. Many people are also inspired by this man’s idea. Also they decided to have a part of nature in they are daily life as well.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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