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Zerodha CEO gives bonus to employees for losing weight! Netiznes claim that the idea is not healthy.

Organisations come up with different ideas to make their staff more interested in working. Sometimes these ideas and initial steps taken by an organisation are highly pressed by many, and also, sometimes, it doesn’t go well as per the plan. Currently, such news regarding one organisation is going viral, and social media users are in shock after coming across it. The Zerodha founder and CEO Nithin Kamath announced a new health initiative step. As per the reports, disturb is for his company’s staff on World Health Day. The initiative includes a challenge that he has given to all of his employees.

According to the sources, Kamath challenges everyone is saying that anyone with a BMI (body mass index) of less than 25 will get half a month’s salary as a bonus. Well, this official announcement for his company employees is now doing rounds on the Internet. At the same time, making this announcement, he also stated that many benefits come with this challenge. He considered this type just for using staff members who will lose weight. However, not everyone who came across this news thinks this is beneficial. Also, many social media users believed that his initiatives were to push people toward fatphobia. Many also thought this would need many-body image shows and is not a very voice step.

The new initiative:

Talking to social media, Kamath said anyone is eligible to get the half-month salary as a bonus. They will only have to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 25. He also further added that the average BMI of their team is 25.3. Well, heis looking forward to the team having an average BMI of 24, and that too by August. He said, “everyone gets another 1/2 month as a bonus”. By making the statement and the official announcement regarding this new ‘fun’ health program at the company, he added further details. Well, on World Health Day, he wrote: “It’d be fun to compete with other companies”. Explaining the initiative, he further noted that the lowest average BMI or the most significant change in average BMI would win the competition.

“The winner chooses a charity everyone else contributes to. Maybe a health tech company can run the initiative”. Also, the 43-year-old CEO’s post soon got attention across social media sites. It’s called the attention of many social media users from around the globe. Some social media users who came across all cement also claimed that BMI might not be the healthiest parameter. As per then, it may not be an inclusive idea to implement. However, the CEO is defending his statement about a BMI and says it is the easiest way to start this journey. As per her mother team will be only beneficial by reducing her BMI and getting the average to 24. However, now this topic has led to a lot of discussion on several social media platforms, and the people are taking into the post’s comment section.

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Swetha Sivakumar
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