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Viral video: Air India plane gets stuck near the airport! Watch here

Whenever someone thinks about airplanes, many people may either think of the airplane flying high in the sky or even being parked in a hangar, which is inside the airport. Now, this may sound weird to you, but just imagine if you may ever come across a situation where you see a plane on the highway in the middle of the night? What will be your reaction to it? Yes, this scenario has happened very recently where an aircraft was seen on a highway, in the middle of the night. And the most surprising part of this scenario is that the plane was stuck under the foot overbridge! Recently a video is going viral on the internet, in which we can see a plane stuck under the bridge, in the middle of the night, on the highway near the airport. This incident happened in Delhi which has surely left the passerby and all the netizens shook. 

In this video which has now become a sensational talk online, an aircraft, probably an Air India carrier, was spotted without its wings and was stuck underneath a foot overbridge, like cars and some buses passed by. This shocking and unusual sight of the big airplane halted under a bridge was caught on camera as this incident happened near Delhi airport on the Delhi-Gurugram highway deep in the night.

As the video went viral, Netizens were left amused by this video of this scrapped Air India aircraft stuck under a foot over the bridge which was shared on social media on Sunday morning. In the nearly 40-second video, it was seen that the cars and buses were passing through one side of the highway while the other side was blocked by the aircraft. The aircraft got stuck mid-way, its nose and half its body had crossed underneath the foot overbridge before the other half could not get through.

This video was shared on Twitter by many netizens as it left people scratching their heads as to how the plane got there in the first place. It also sparked many jokes online. It was later confirmed by Air India that the plane was sold and transported to the new owner.

One Twitter user commented, “What’s funny is the guy who bought the plane is transporting it by truck and am sure if he buys trucks will transport them by air.” Another one commented, “This is like the kind of stuff that would appear when I get dreams where there’s a train running on the road and I’m scared. Except, this is real.” Yet another one wrote, “Delhi to Gurgaon 100 rupees per passenger.” 

As the video was pressing like a fire on the internet, Air India had to open up some of the details.“This is an old, scrapped aircraft which has already been sold off by us. There is no additional information as it involves the person to whom it has been sold off,“, said a spokesperson of Air India as per some reports of The Times of India.

The spokesperson further said, “The aircraft certainly does not belong to the Delhi airport’s fleet… it is being transported without any wings. It appears to be a scrapped plane and the driver may have made a judgment of error while transporting it.”

Well if you remember, this similar incident had happened in 2019, when an abandoned India Post aircraft was also being carried on a truck that, too, got stuck under a bridge. This incident happened in West Bengal’s Durgapur.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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