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Check before using the Public Toilet, there could be a Lion in it! Watch the video

We often spot many wild animals as well as birds and public places especially at the places where they are not meant to be found. The news of animals appearing on highways to many animals escaping from zoos and wildlife sanctuaries always tends to hit the helpline successfully. One can spot many animals and birds in their natural habitat especially when you go for a jungle safari, but to find them coming out from a public toilet is something that someone would hardly ever imagine. 

Finding the king of the jungle coming out from a public restroom is indeed a very rare case and thus the incident went crazy viral on social media platforms. Ever since social media users came to know about this news they couldn’t just stay calm and started sharing the video. It is not something that you can see often and thus this video will leave you shocked for sure. Well in the video you can see a lion exiting from a public toilet. Now, it has gone swiftly viral and many netizens who have watched the scary video have been left astonished.

The recording shows a landscape shot from a moving car and as the car approaches a public restroom, a shocking thing gets captured on camera. A lion can be seen getting out of the public restroom’s door and the people who are inside the car are left surprised as you can hear them gasping at the view. The video was shot from a Safari car and it was posted online with the caption saying, “Loo is not always safe for humans, sometimes it can be used by others too.” The video itself is very spine-chilling seeing a lion coming out from a public restroom. So, it is very hard to imagine how the people inside the Safari car would have felt at the spot.

Currently, this trending video has got more than 13,700 views and tons of likes from so many social media users who are going crazy and re-watching it again and again. While many people were amazed at the unusual appearance of a wild animal in a public restroom, some users also jokingly commented that they will never even think of using any kind of public toilet during a jungle safari. 

The comment section of the video is filled with many comments that show how shocked people were after watching this video, there were also so many funny comments which can surely make your day. Also, it is awesome that many social media users were smart enough to point out that the lion was walking out from the gent’s toilet.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
I am Swetha Sivakumar an Engineer who is obsessed with writing and keeping myself updated with latest and fun news to turn it into an article.


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