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Viral video from Australia: Surveillance camera captures a snake sneaking up on man!

Australia is a place which is very much famous for two things for sure. one of it is for sure the amazing scenic views that we get to see in Australia. Talking about the other thing when it comes to Australia snakes is one of the things that comes right into our mind. Literally Australia is filled with so many snakes that we often find videos of them sneaking into anywhere at any time. Recently, one such video of a snake sneaking into a man’s home is going very well on several social media platforms. 

A dangerous incident:

Well, all social media users who came across the video were left stunned after watching him and the conversation was really filled with so many comments for some people around the globe and that was completely shocking after watching the interest in the video. The report states that this man was living in Gippsland and that’s when this incident happened. According to the sources, this man was actually trying to relax on his death. He was sitting outside of his house when the reptile started to crawl behind him. 

Since it wanted to surprise the man and his mind telling movement was caught on the camera. This man had a surveillance camera on his deck and that’s when the snake was appearing behind him. In the video, you can see a man actually working on his laptop. And he has to take a step up from his bottle. He was moving his legs around revolving the time and the reptile was just present there crawling ahead. Well as seen in the video the man was not sure about the reptiles anything behind him. 

What happened next?

He continued to work on his laptop when the snake started resting below his chair. Suddenly it made the jump that scared the man very much as seen in the video. Luckily, as seen in the clip, the snake scrabbled away. It left the man totally scared for sure. The man, who is seen in the video is Malcolm. Well, later he spoke to Storyful saying that he believed it was a tiger snake. It was present on his deck. He initially posted his story on the platform of Reddit. Well, when he first posted the video, he stated a bit about the incident. He said, “went over my feet inside the house 2 weeks ago – it must be relocated – in two places at least!” 

While answering to another social media user on the platform he said, “Tiger snakes are aggressive and territorial. This one must have a nest in the front garden and heard me.” Adding that he must have been on the deck for about 45 minutes when it happened. Well, he added: “It definitely went for me and you can see it actually struck twice. It jumped – which I have never seen before – and went over my crocs!” The venomous snake is actually dangerous for us.

 “Although generally shy and preferring escape over conflict, a cornered tiger snake will put on an impressive threat display by holding its forebody in a tense, loose curve with the head slightly raised and pointed at the offender,” stated The Australian Museum

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