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Viral video: Kids playing in mud goes crazy viral on the internet!

Currently, a video on the internet is going crazy just because it brings out memories of childhood for so many people and they are having fun watching the video. Well, many locals in the video were seen taking a dip in the muddy, slushy water in Karnataka’s Mangaluru. The people over there were celebrating ‘Kesard Onji Dina’ with great fervor and the video will bring a smile to your face. The festival witnesses people having fun in muddy water. Talking about all the children living in the area, it was a Sunday which was a day well spent with having lots of fun. In videos of the event and its celebration, you can always see people having lots of fun and the videos always get shared on social media platforms where kids can be seen taking a dip in the water and dancing to all the trendy songs played at full volume. 

The event has always had a huge number of crowds witnessing it and currently, the video of the recent event has gone super trendy on the Internet and has also successfully received more than 41,000 views and has been a crowd puller on the internet. The video was initially shared on December 5 and others in social media users had found it, they cannot just get enough of it. Netizens had mixed reactions, where some social media users who watched the video found it interesting. Other social media users raised concerns over Covid pandemic. A tweet was shared by ANI stating that the women also participated in the event. 

The event was organized by Vijaya Yuva Sangama and the main aim behind organizing this huge event was to create awareness about agriculture and sports linked with it, as per the organizer. Running, reverse running, kabaddi, volleyball, and throwball competitions were also organized in the event and many locals also participated in all of these competitions increasing the excitement of the entire event. social media users who watched the video were amazed with the fun that the people were having and also loved how beautifully the organizers organized the event. 

Also after watching this fun video many social media users shared the video to different social media platforms and also many to get the comment section to show how much they had fun by just watching the video and how it brought back memories of them in childhood enjoying a dip in slushy water. The video got hundreds of likes and comments and people are loving it. Such a unique event is not something that you will find every single day and thus it was great fun to watch the video itself.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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