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Yoga teacher becomes umpire! Signal white ball by doing yoga pose!

Being a cricketer looks so fancy but it is surely not an easy job to do. From heavy training to staying away from your home for long days due to tournaments and matches, cricketers have to go through a lot and face a lot of challenges at the same time. At the same time,  the job of an umpire comes with many challenges. However, it is not common for us to see an umpire being the star of the show. We have seen so many videos of tournaments and matches of cricket where we see players getting the spotlight of the show but this is a very rare video where you can see an umpire getting everyone’s attention. Yes, he was successful in taking the spotlight away from the star players with his on-field shenanigans and that is just because of a yoga pose that headed. 

That is what an umpire did in a local cricket tournament that was conducted in Maharashtra, Purandar Premier League. Well to signal a wide ball, the umpire decided to take it to a whole new level when he borrowed a yoga pose. Due to his one action, all the match audiences were left surprised. To signal a wide ball, the man came close to the camera and did upside-down leg splits showing that it was a wide ball. The video clip of the umpire of the signal has gone viral and not only the audiences who were present to witness the match but also the commentator was left shocked. 

The commentator reacted to the umpire’s act. “The umpire is coming near us. What has he done? Look at the style of wide! He is also acting wonderfully in his own style,” the commentator was heard saying in the video. Supriya Sahu, IAS officer shared the hilarious clip on her official Twitter handle. “When Yoga and Cricket meet,” Sahu captioned the video. The video posted by Sarang Bhalerao, a cricket fan on December 5, has garnered over 1 million views and over 2,000 likes. Bhalerao said, “Umpire here is a superstar” and stated that the name of the umpire is DN Rock. The video left netizens in splits.

 “Looks like yoga teacher employed as part-time umpire,” said a social media user. All the rest of the social media users who saw the video where the left arm is for couldn’t just stop laughing after watching the amazing yoga pose done by the umpire that was unexpected. The desi social media users took it to the comment section of the video to show how hilarious therefore the video was and also many of them praised The umpire for him effortlessly doing the yoga.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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