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Viral video: Man requests Barber to give him Kim Jong-Un hairstyle, and the result is hilarious

Men usually love to follow new fashion trends and new hairstyle trends too. They often want their barber to never upset them as they think hairstyle is one of the most important things to make them look attractive. So it is obvious that most of the men concentrate on their haircuts or hairstyles a lot. But sometimes we may come across many videos on the internet where we can see men experimenting with their hairstyles most hilariously. And similarly, one such video has gone viral on the internet and made many people laugh out loud. 

A video of a man who just went for his hair trimming to a hairdresser went so viral on the internet and it is all for good reasons. Well, the man did not go for a costly haircut, but surprisingly he requested the hairdresser to give him a haircut of Kim Jong-Un, the supreme leader of North Korea. It is indeed a very strange request from a customer but despite this, the hairdresser gave him a really good Kim Jong-un hairstyle which was indeed identical. This video of the man and has her groom the like the supreme leader of North Korea was actually posted in tik tok as a tik tok clip but the video has surprisingly gone crazy viral on social media. 

Talking about the video it is seen that the man after having his new unique haircut, was sitting on the chair and the hairdresser who was standing behind him was laughing very hard. Recording this hilarious scene and both their reactions the man was himself laughing too. The man was indeed surprised after he could see the resemblance between his hairstyle and Kim Jong-un hairstyle, he was surprised at how identical it was. But this hilarious video can surely make your day even better. 

The video was then also posted on Reddit and was also captioned “Kim Jong-Un style haircut”. Even though the video shows only the laughter of both the men, the man also added the conversation between them. As per the video, it seems like when the man told the barber about his choice the barber replied with “Say no more”

Such similarity in the hairstyle has amazed many netizens and thus the video has received more than 40,000 upvotes as a result. As the video is hilarious the comments are even more! One user commented “Gotta watch his back now lol. A sniper might mistake him for the real deal.” Another user commented, “Wonderful decoy! Kim should hire him!”

Well talking about the leader Kim Jong-Un, the new look of him has already sparked a lot of conversations on the internet and it has surprised many netizens. A new look in other North Korea founding day celebrations, all slimmed down and smiling, was surprising to see. It seems that Kim has lost a lot of weight. On Twitter Martin Williams also posted about Kim Jong-Un and he noted how healthy he is looking in the photos of the celebrations.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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