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This recipe of Maggi milkshake has netizens shocked. Know about the new recipe and how social media users reacted to it!

We often see people trying out New recipes by merging already existing recipes and creating a new dish. Sometimes at least these people get successful in creating amazing and tastiest recipes that you will find. For example, the merged recipe of ice cream milkshake is one of the best ones for sure. However, sometimes it does not go as per the plan and turns out to be a total disaster that leaves many people who come to know about the bizarre recipes. A few days back the recipe for Maggi samosa went very viral and also many people started using it. They found the recipe useful for creating a new type of samosa. Some netizens did not like the addition of snacks like Maggi with the classic Indian snack like a samosa. Currently, another recipe of Maggi combined with a milkshake is going very much viral on several social media platforms and netizens have been fuming in anger because of the bizarre recipe. Combining two or three dishes is just like experimenting with food ingredients but now it has gotten out of hand when Maggi lovers found that their favorite snack Maggi has been mixed with the milkshake. While food experiments tend to be bizarre sometimes, Maggi lovers did not approve of this particular dish. The Maggi noodles have been used as a topping on the milkshake in this particular dish of Maggi milkshake. Many people who came across this took to their social media accounts to show the netizens how much they disapprove of this particular dish. 

From kids to adults many people in India seem to consider Maggi as their favorite snack food and also some consider Maggi as one of the best tasty noodles that you can find in India. It is also this that many tend to experiment with and sometimes it gets to a whole new level when they start experimenting Maggi with some bizarre food dishes or ingredients that you would have ever thought of. The Instant noodles are indeed one of the tastiest snack items that have a huge fan following but considering this is like a Maggi laddu and oreo Maggi is something that Maggi lovers hate completely. Many netizens, especially people who love the snack of Maggi, feel disgusted with such cringy combinations of instant noodles with other dishes. Now to the list of bizarre combinations of Maggi with other dishes has one more addition and that is the ‘Maggi milkshake’.

Well for now the creator of this particular bizarre dish is not known. Only a post of this picture showing the bizarre dish is getting circulated famously on several social media platforms. You can see that the Maggi noodles which are cooked are placed as a topping on the milkshake on a glass. A scoop of cooked Maggi is now being widely getting shared on social media platforms. “Some idiot shared this with me…Maggie Milk-shake…. Jinda pakadna hai in banane waalo ko… (need to catch the creator alive),” wrote a user @mayursejpal while sharing the viral post too.

Currently, the post has got more than 2,000 likes. It was successful in instantly catching the attention of many social media users and also left all of them to feel disgusted. The comment section of this particular post is filled with reactions of many social media users to express how much they hate the idea of placing cooked Maggi noodles over a sweet drink like a milkshake. “Every day we stray further from God’s light,” wrote another user while tweeting a picture of the dish.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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