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Viral video of kangaroos wandering in West Bengal leaves internet in splits!

One of the most trending topics on the internet today is kangaroo from West Bengal. Well, kangaroos are one of the most loved animals for sure and for people who love wildlife were left completely baffled after coming across the videos. The many videos of kangaroos from West Bengal are going viral on the internet right now. Usually, when we talk about kangaroos, the first country name that comes to mind is Australia. And then comes the country of new guinea is very much famous for its animals. However, the videos going on the internet, which have been doing arounds for a long time now, are actually from West Bengal. Specifically, it is from the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, where many kangaroos are roaming the roads openly now. 

 As per the reports, other animals were thousands of miles away from the natural habitats is stunning to many people. Social media uses her left absolutely shocked after watching so many kangaroos roaming freely on the roads of West Bengal. Also, as per the reports, the regular people and the Forest department officials are completely in shock after watching the kangaroos. After the videos were available online, it began a huge discussion on social media. Many social media users were left completely shocked after watching the kangaroo that came in so many numbers in West Bengal. Well, it is not so common for the districts of West Bengal to get invited by kangaroos. Also, at the same time, it is known from the sources that Western Bengal is not a suitable habitat for a kangaroo to live in.

Kangaroos in West Bengal!

On Saturday, the officials from the forest department spoke to the reporters. They stated that three kangaroos were safe. They came from different parts of Siliguri town. Also, as per the statement given by the officials, they found a dead baby kangaroo as well. Well, it appears to be a case of animal smuggling. Also, a senior forest official said,” “After being rescued, all three kangaroos were sent for treatment. We are surprised as to who brought these kangaroos here and how. We suspect these kangaroos were being smuggled to Nepal. But we are looking into the motive behind smuggling as well”‘ 

According to the sources, the animals were present in public. Many people found them. They were passing through the area and spotted the kangaroos. You will see the kangaroos inspecting the surroundings in one such viral video. They were also trying to eat the grass growing on the rose side. Many curious people recorded the videos and shared them on the internet online. While also sharing the video, many people thought that their kangaroos ran away from a zoo. 

Reactions of people on social media

While responding to one such viral video, Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan clarified that these kangaroos were not part of any zoo. Also, many of them are now safe with the help of the authorities in the nearby location. After watching the viral video, the post’s comment section starts getting so many comments from people around the globe. Many people in the post’s comment section were also staying, and they were concerned regarding the animals.

 Some social media users thought it was not at all safe. It is for the kangaroo to roam freely on the roadside. It is dangerous for they are in condition and very far from their natural habitats. So it might be hazardous for the help. It is good to know that the officials are taking full steps. It is to save them from getting any harm to the public.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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