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Viral video of Meghalaya CM singing makes netizens impressed!

The internet is a wide place to showcase your talent and sometimes people get famous unexpectedly. The internet is the best place to show inner talent to everyone. Well sometimes we also come across such videos of famous people showcasing their inner talents and it always leaves netizens stunned. Many people have taken to the internet to show their talent all of a sudden which has always left netizens impressed and amazed with them. And similarly, the video of the Meghalaya Chief Minister has now become a sensational talk on the internet. 

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma’s singing skills have now left netizens amazed and impressed as the video of the politician singing Bryan Adams’s iconic song ‘Summer of 69’ at an event in Itanagar is getting viral on social media platforms, and everyone is quite impressed with it. Well, it has to be said that people were not ready to face such a cool side of the CM, and it was unexpected from him. As he showed his inner talent, he just made everyone to love him even more. 

The video was uploaded on Twitter with the caption, “Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma serenading Itanagar with Bryan Adams’ Summer of ‘69 is the coolest thing on the Internet now,” and the clip is being widely circulated online.

This viral clip of 1.43-minute featuring the politician has now garnered almost 30k views and was originally shared by a journalist. The journalist uploaded this video with a caption, “Here is ⁦⁦@SangmaConrad⁩ belting out Summer of 69 on a nippy evening in Itanagar.”  The amazing scenario, along with the amazing voice of the politician was just spot on for sure! 

As soon as the amazing clip was shared online, it did not take long for netizens to start responding to the clip and retweeting the tweet as they started complimenting the Meghalaya CM’s singing skills. It has surely impressed everyone as everyone thought he is the coolest CM anyone has ever seen. The comment section of many tweets was filled with praises. The video has surely become a topic of conversation on the internet. The netizens started tagging him in every comment and praised him.

One Twitter user shared the video and wrote, “Where else you find a chief minister belt out a rock number, only in the #northeast Here is ⁦⁦@SangmaConrad⁩ belting out Summer of 69 on a nippy evening in Itanagar #NERocks”, while another user commented, “This is a distinct quality of North East. Bravo @SangmaConrad. Would like to listen more.” And surely, we all would love to hear him sing once again for us too!

Yet another one wrote, “Love this fine gentleman @SangmaConrad

 sir and our Dynamic HCM @PemaKhanduBJP sir for their multi both inspire us a lot. Jai Hind.” 

While some people were busy commenting about how cool the CM is, others were also busy stating that they wanted him as their CM. People also want to visit NorthEast, and he is the biggest reason for sure. As he has amazed everyone with his talents, everyone would love to have such a cool CM. Netizens can’t stop themselves from retweeting the videos and spreading the video as wide as they can.

Well the CM has surely proved his style, talent, and the coolness he carries with him, and people are in love with it. This video has made everyone stunned with his talents, and the CM has proved that along with his responsibilities as a good CM, he is a cool, fun, and amazing person too!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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