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Viral video- This Gujrati folk singer gets showered with cash!

Fans always want to show their love to their idols and the famous personalities who they love to follow. Some buy gifts whereas some go for sending them their favorite things. Well, currently such a video of a fan and a singer is going crazy viral on the Internet and social media users who watched the now-viral video just cannot believe their ideas.

The Gujarati folk singer Urvashi Radadiya recently shared a video on her social media account. In the video, you can see her performing where she also gets showered with cash. Yes, you read that right. Well, during the magical performance a fan decided to just lift a bucket full of cash and pour it one her. In the short video clip, Radadiya is seen performing on stage giving her best as usual. There were also other musicians seen in the video as the team continued to perform. Well, just after a few seconds something totally unexpected happened. Suddenly a man comes from behind as seen in the video and he showers her with a bucketful of cash in his hands. The area where the renowned singer was performing was already filled with cash.

After it happened, the singer just smiled and brushed off the currency notes from the harmonium and continued with her performance in front of her fans. Many of the netizens who are huge fans of the singer were deeply moved by her singing. Many as seen in the video were present during her performance. They continued to throw money at her while the singer continued to perform. In the Instagram post, Radadiya expressed gratitude to everyone and was seen mentioning about her performance which was held during the Tulsi vivah ceremony. The performance was organized by Shri Samast Hirawadi Group located in Gujarat. 

The post shared by Urvashi Radadiya (@urvashiradadiya_official) is now getting super-viral as surely it is not something that you will get to see every day. The video of currency showers is now the talk of town and has taken the internet by storm. Talking about Radadiya’s Instagram post, it has got over 13,000 likes now. The comment section of the video is now filled with many comments which praised the singer for her beautiful voice and talent. An Instagram user ‘happpiee soul’, said “Keep growing, keep shining.” Another social media user commented, “Very nice didi, lots of love.” Many users who watched the video did not seem to be pleased. 

Netizens were seen objecting to the currency shower, and many felt that it was disrespectful towards the singer. A netizen said, “This is very disrespectful. Also why to shower notes like this?” Radadiya’s Instagram account includes short clips of her singing beautiful Gujarati songs. You can find the folk singer is pretty well active on social media and she has around 21,000 followers.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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