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A Chandigarh resident cycles around the city to create ‘Ik Onkar’!

Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti is a very auspicious occasion which is celebrated with great joy as the day is the birthday of the first Sikh guru. The occasion is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by Sikhs around the world and surely everyone comes up with their new idea and plans to celebrate the big day receiving blessings. Well, this year to mark the occasion in a special way a resident of Chandigarh took his cycle around the city. He was successful in creating the auspicious ‘Ik Onkar’ pattern around the city by riding his bicycle. The occasion was celebrated on November 19 and that is when Harneet Singh Kharbanda came up with this idea. He took it all to a whole new level in order to pay respect to the founder of Sikhism and to receive blessings from him. He decided to take his bicycle on a ride. Well, it was not for one or two but for a whole 50 km through several alleys and lanes in the city. 

The planned city witnessed him creating the holy pattern of the sacred phrase which translates to ‘there is only one God. Kharbanda took to social media and shared two images of his route to show the symbol he ‘sketched’ on the city’s streets. It was by using a ride-tracking app to trace the phrase around the city. The sacred phrase forms the opening words or the Mul Mantar of the Sikh holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib. It holds a very special meaning for all devotees of the Sikh religion. The man really well planned his route and his innovative manner of celebration caught hundreds of people’s attention on social media. 

He now has also become the cyclist who is much praised on several social media platforms. Born on ‘puranmashi’ of Kattak in 1469, according to the Bikrami calendar, the guru’s birthday is celebrated on the full moon night. It is on the Indian lunar month of Kartik and on this day, people who follow the religion of Sikh from across the world pay their tributes to the Guru. He was born in Rai Bhoi Ki Talwandi, now known as Nanaka Sahib, near Lahore located in Pakistan in 1469. As per records, this year marks the 552nd birth anniversary of the revered guru. 

All the Sikhs on the social media who came to know about the fan’s creative way and efforts that he had put in to celebrate the sacred day loved his idea and praised him for hard work in the comment section of the now-viral post. Also, the comment section of the post is filled with many beautiful reactions and comments from so many social media users who came across this beautiful post.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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