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Virender Sehwag tweets his phone number on Twitter? Fans went crazy about it!

Surely let’s say that many of us have a favorite idol or a celebrity, with whom we want to have a conversation. Fans want to meet their idol and have at least a short conversation with them. Nowadays, there are many fans who want their idol’s or favorite celebrity’s phone number. Some fans can do anything to get their favorite idol’s phone number. Of course, many of them think that if they would get a chance to speak with or even have a conversation with their favorite idol, that would be so much fun and such an honor. But what if your favorite idol or celebrity gives you their number itself? Of course, this will lead to a lot of confusion!

Yes, one such thing happened on the 3rd of August when the famous cricketer Virender Sehwag dropped a tweet and shared his mobile number on Twitter. He tweeted:

“Dropped my phone in the shower, getting it fixed, call me on 9112083319”.

As he has got a lot of fans the tweet went so viral as soon as he tweeted it. And in addition to this people are so much confused as it’s like the first time a famous person has tweeted his phone number. Everyone was trying to figure out the reason behind it.

Sehwag just told his 22 million followers and tweeted that he dropped his phone in the shower and while he was getting the phone fixed, he also shared his mobile number and asked people to call on it! People got so amazed by this tweet and were not able to understand what’s going on all of a sudden. And because of this sudden step of Sehwag, this treat got a lot of attention and it has crossed over 17000 likes! And of course, the tweet got overflowed with comments!

The first thing that struck the mind of the people was that maybe Sehwag’s phone got hacked. As it is not common among famous people to share their phone number, of course, everyone thought that it got hacked and someone has shared his phone number. But then as people waited, the tweet didn’t get deleted, and once again everyone was in confusion. After some time some people said that it may be a marketing gimmick to attract people or it may be a prank. Of course, as soon as Sehwag tweeted the number, many fans actually tried to call the number. On calling many of the calls were not answered. Luckily some of the calls got connected but then it just asked them to record the message. Many of them were also shocked as Sehwag’s voice greeted many people. People also shared their reactions in Sehwag’s tweet comment section.

Here are some reactions of netizens:

  • “Ek minute ke liye aisa laga PHONE uthaya Sehwag paaji ne…But woh toh recorded tha”

[ For a minute it felt like Sehwag paaji picked up the phone…but that was actually recorded]

  • “Some marketing gimmick for sure. All the best @virendersehwag”.
  • “This is a technique of promoting a brand….You will call on this number and you will hear Viru promoting a brand”.
  • “He might have done it unknowingly or did it got hacked?”
  • “Paid tweet”

Some fans tweeted that in Truecaller the number showed that the number is from Maharashtra but actually Sehwag lives in Delhi. Another fan said that the number was actually made up of Sehwag’s best innings in cricket. many theories came out while many of them said that it got hacked and many of them had it shared unknowingly.

But then people started to realize that it is a marketing gimmick and people said that it was really a cool strategy.



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