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Vistadome coach: A coach that will help you enjoy nature more!

Our social media users love the content that sources the latest technology development. Especially if the government does new releases and all go crazy about it and want to know more details. Will one such video clip showing us, passengers, on a journey go very viral? Well, the remarkable fact about the passengers is in the Vistadome coach. As soon as the video clip was shared online, it instantly became very famous and viral. The Ministry of Railways shared the video clip on Twitter.

The Indian Railways game up with the news of adding a Vistadome coach to the Shatabdi Express. As per the reports, the express starts the journey from Mumbai, and its destination spot is Gandhinagar. The government steps toward an “upgraded travel experience & panoramic view” for travelers. Talking about the viral video clip, it will show you, passengers, during the journey in the Vistadome coach. The Ministry of Railways shared it on they are official Twitter account.

A beautiful coach:

You can see all the passengers enjoying their journey and all the beautiful things they come across. There is a large glass window, and everyone can enjoy the beautiful scenic views. Some passages are also reading about a summer talking to each other during the journey. Then the camera pans to show a glass roof as well. Making everything look so beautiful, the video clip became instantly really famous. “Upgraded Travel Experience & Panoramic View! Experience a journey that will expand your horizons in #Vistadome Coach that has been attached to Mumbai- Gandhinagar Capital Shatabdi Express. The large glass windows & glass roofs provide a panoramic view of the picturesque route,” said the tweet while sharing the famous video clip. The video will last long for only 34 seconds to make a note.

However, the short period is enough to show the beauty of the entire coach. The video clip was initially on the internet on Monday at 10:54 am. as per the reports, it has more than 6000 views. Also, the railway ministry came up with excellent photographs of the coach. You will also see many passengers enjoying their journey in the pictures and talking about it. Many social media users were pleased after coming across the news. Some other social media users also had demands regarding it that they expect more cleanliness and security on other trains.

Reactions of social media users:

“Safe & Beautiful Journeys!” commented a social media user who came across the viral post. “Rather focus on some selected train, Plz focus on all Trains moving in-country….1.cleaness of train 2. Securities tight on train 3. in Small station proper service 4. The emergency medical facility on train 5. Anyone who breaks the rules takes a hard penalty,” said another social media user in the standard section of the post. They are talking about a press release issued by Western Railways that spoke about the Vistadome coach. They coach in Mumbai-Gandhinagar Capital. Shatabdi Express is available temporarily only.

It will be available from Monday to May 10 next year. Well, the fantastic features of the Vistadome coach show us the large glass windows, glass roofs, rotating seats, and an observation lounge as well. One can surely enjoy sightseeing and their entire journey with this coach. Many people also wish to have a chance to be able to travel through this fantastic train where they can have a chance to enjoy their journey much more by capturing all the scenic views in their surroundings. Also, the concept of this coach has attracted many social media users who are nature lovers and would love to have such a fantastic experience in it.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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