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Watch how amazingly this newlyweds greet their guest on their wedding day!

Well for some past few months excavators have become the internet’s most favorite topic now. From JCB ki Khudai to helping the Ever Given stranded in Suez Canal, we have seen excavators giving us netizens their glimpse very often. Well, once again the history has repeated itself and it seems that excavators have decided on its entry at weddings as well. The video is going super viral on the Internet now and you can see a newly wedded couple took their wedding to a whole new level. The adorable couple decided to shock their guests on the wedding day by deciding to greet guests riding on an excavator on their big day. Talking about the epic ‘fall’ which is now hitting the headlines and now netizens are just laughing out loud.

This updated short video is doing rounds on the internet and in the video, you can clearly see a bride wearing a flowing white gown. The beautiful bride is seen sitting next to the groom in the tux. Well, normally as every other guest in a wedding everyone imagined the couple to be on a stage. However, this newly wedded duo was seen dangling their legs down a bucket of the heavy machinery vehicle that is an excavator. It is adorned with maroon satin cloth. Nevertheless, the married couple continued to wave and give thumbs up to guests who were attending the party. 

Well, suddenly, something totally unexpected happened as the operator turned the bucket down. In the video, you can see the bride and groom scrambling to understand the situation wondering what went wrong, and the guests are seen holding their heads in shock because of the sudden event. “JCB wala bhul gaya Shaadi ka order hai (The JCB operator forget it was an assignment for a wedding),” wrote one of the social media users who shared the video on Twitter account. Many social media users who came across the video thought it was hilarious to even think about booking an excavator. 

Surely it is as a unique element for the wedding, and also many other social media users who watched the video were concerned if the couple got hurt. Many were also trying to figure out if the operator did that. This one-shot video led to a series of means on several social media platforms and now it is going crazy viral on the Internet where social media users cannot just get enough of the idea of having an excavator on their wedding day. Also, this video led to a series of many puns, and netizens had a fun day after watching this hilarious video.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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