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Watch the video of a Chimpanzee washing clothes. Watch the whole video!

Animals are no less than humans and they often amaze us by their habits which highly replicate human’s normal living lifestyle. We often get to see so many videos on social media platforms of smart chimpanzees and monkeys and they often tend to behave like humans that always hits the headlines and leaves all the netizens amazed with their behaviors. 

Well, a video is currently taking so many social media platforms by storm because of an adorable chimpanzee who is winning the hearts of millions. It is also true that this video has gone viral on social media and the chimpanzee in the video is washing the clothes in the desi style just like we Indians do. The video has caught the attention of so many Indian netizens and they have given several reactions online. 

A chimpanzee washing clothes like humans is something that you will not surely find every day on social media. Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals and they always prove it with their behavior. The chimpanzees tend to adapt very quickly to whatever happens in their surroundings and also it is a fact that they always can imitate a human being. As per the study, human beings and chimpanzees share a whopping 98.8 percent of their DNA and thus if you find a chimpanzee doing something similar to what we humans do every day in our life then it is not something to be shocked off.

 In the short clip, you can see the chimp who is seen washing clothes beside a stream like a professional. He was sitting down and washing a yellow-colored t-shirt in a desi Indian style. The chimp first smoothed out the cloth and then went ahead to apply some soap all over it evenly. It then rubbed the cloth to clean it, all the while using water from the stream. The actions of the chimpanzee clearly show that it has been watching human beings do the same thing for a while now and thus it was imitating a human being by washing the clothes politely with perfection. 

From the viral video, it also seemed as if the chimpanzee knew all the steps to wash a piece of cloth like a professional. This crazy viral video was initially uploaded on an Instagram account by an Instagram user named Sachin Sharma. Well, as soon as it was available online it did not take a lot of time for the video to get recognized by any Indian social media users and instantly went viral. The video went viral receiving more than 95,000 views. Also, this video of the Chimpanzee was loved by so many netizens that there is a cannot get enough of the fact that the chimpanzee can so perfectly washcloth too.

source = youtube
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