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What You Should Know About Emily the Criminal

There has always been agreement on the importance of reducing crime throughout the history of human civilization. We all sigh about it because, rightfully, in our opinion, it threatens the very life of our species and spawns injustice and social disorder. But in terms of entertainment and film, there always seem to be tales that make audience members feel a little sorry for a character stumbling down a criminal path. We can see how life has been unjust to them for whatever reason, and we wish them luck and success along the road. It’s challenging to hold Emily, the main character in John Patton Ford’s Emily the Criminal, responsible for her decisions in life.

With rising debt and a criminal record that prevents her from obtaining respectable employment, Emily becomes embroiled in a credit card scam and gradually descends into the criminal underground. Actress and producer Aubrey Plaza plays the primary role. Over the past ten years, Plaza has participated in ten Sundance Film Festival premieres due to her successful career thus far.

After experimenting with short films and commercials, John Patton Ford will make his directorial debut with the following crime drama. Produced by Tyler Davidson, Aubrey Plaza, and Drew Sykes is Emily the Criminal. Find out all we know about Emily The Criminal in this guide, including the cast, release date, storyline, and trailer.

Emily, the Criminal Release date

On January 24, Emily the Criminal and Spin Me Round, another movie starring Plaza, had their world premieres at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. The former received overwhelmingly positive reviews. On Friday, August 12, 2022, a restricted number of theatres will screen the movie.

The cast of Emily the Criminal  

Emily Benetto, the main character, is portrayed by Aubrey Plaza. She is a young lady with student debt and cannot find employment because of a minor criminal record. She accepts a job as a fake shopper out of desperation for a fair salary and quickly finds herself entangled in the criminal underworld. Plaza made her debut as a lead in the 2012 movie Safety Not Guaranteed, where she quickly gained popularity in the independent film scene. Ingrid Goes West, Black Bear, Monsters University, Life After Beth, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates are some of her other motion pictures.

Youcef, played by Theo Rossi, is the one who initiates Emily to a life of petty crime. For his part as Juan Carlos Ortiz in the FX series Sons of Anarchy, Rossi is most recognized. Army of the Dead, Bad Hurt, and Vault are a few of his further filmography credits. Megalyn Echikunwoke plays Liz. On the Fox television program 24, she played Nicole Palmer, the son of David Palmer. A Good Day to Die Hard, An Actor Prepares, Who Do You Love?, and Night School are some of her other film credits.

As Khalil, Jonathan Avigdori is featured. He may be recognized for his roles on The Equalizer, The Blacklist, The FBI, and The Lincoln Lawyer. Gina Gershon portrays Alice. She is better remembered for her starring and supporting parts in HBO’s How to Make It in America and FX’s Rescue Me. Ben Rodgers, Kim Yarbrough, Kara Luiz, Janice Sonia Lee, Brandon Sklenar, John Billingsley, Bernardo Badillo, and others are also featured in the cast.

The plot of Emily, the Criminal  

Following the life of a recent art school graduate and ambitious painter struggling just to pay the interest on her student loans, let alone the principal, is Emily the Criminal. A young woman precariously near to a life of crime is when you combine it with a few minor, old criminal offenses that have closed off a world of work. She stumbles across what seems to be a straightforward side job just in time. The exercise is easy. She has a fake credit card and to purchase a TV at the neighborhood store. Although it seems straightforward, this marks the start of a journey into the criminal underworld. Her zest for the illegal game grows after a few trips as a dummy shopper, and she is eager to try her hand at more daring exploits.

The risk increases with each passing day, and since she is a criminal, her encounters with law enforcement and other “occupational hazards” add tension to the story. Despite its modest size, Emily the Criminal covers all aspects needed for a great crime movie, and it is incredibly fascinating and fast-paced. The official synopsis is as follows:

Emily, who needs money, accepts a sketchy job where she uses credit cards that have took it to make purchases. It is from a charming middleman Youcef. They devise a plan to expand their company since they are in by the quick money and illicit thrills.


On July 6, 2022, a 2:14-minute trailer for Emily the Criminal was available. When asked what she would do with some money in the opening scene. Also, Emily replies that she wants to be free. The subsequent stages highlight her precarious situation; to pay off her loans and the increasing interest rates, she needs a job. She encounters a group of men who appear to be con artists while deciding what to do with her life. And she soon learns about a life of crime.


Who is Emily the Criminal’s director?

John Patton Ford is the film director of Emily, the Criminal.

Which languages are available for Emily, the Criminal?

English subtitles are available for this film.

When does the movie come out?

On August 12, 2022, Emily The Criminal will be out in US theatres.

Who plays Emily the Criminal’s cast members?

Aubrey Plaza, Gina Gershon, and Megalyn Echikunwoke are the stars of it.


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