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What’s Wrong With New Twitter Design Update?

Normally, some changes can be tough to adapt to, especially when everything is going well. Twitter’s app and website were changed on Thursday, and it appears that people aren’t happy with the changes. There was outrage and meme-making after this move by the users.

  •  Twitter’s major change is a new font called Chirp, which, according to the company, does the service more “accessible, unique, and focused on you and what you’re saying.” Twitter notes that all Western-language text is now aligned to the left, making it simpler to view as you scroll, but non-Western languages remain unaffected.
  • On Twitter’s end, the company states that it has modified its color scheme to be “strong contrast and a lot less blue.” This modification will “bring attention to photographs and videos you make and share.” Another new hue will be released shortly, according to the business.
  • Twitter adds that buttons, especially the follow button, are now high resolution to make essential buttons stand out more. But as perusers, this is quite confusing. 

It is the flexibility that allows people to select the alternatives that work best for them. Twitter already features toggles in its accessibility menu for features such as enhanced color contrast and lessened motion, as well as display settings that let people pick between light and dark themes or scale font sizes.

As per users, in the current version, the follow and unfollow buttons are so disconcerting that they may confuse. As part of this upgrade, a new chip font was released to emphasize the irreverence and fun of the tweet. But users don’t appear to like it and claim that it’s difficult for them to understand. In this case, the sudden changes to the mobile and desktop website layouts were not easily adoptable by all users of the sites concerned. According to some, this quick adjustment was not necessary. 

Well, Twitter believed that this could be handy for users, and people may enjoy it. They had hoped for a more positive response, but they were disappointed. The response of the users was quite the opposite of what Twitter has anticipated. 

Accessibility is not a one-size-fits-all concept; an aspect that makes a website more approachable for one person may make it more difficult to use for another. In the same way, persons who are sensitive to bright colors or light may find it uncomfortable. Users perceived it as quite frustrating because the sudden change in appearance was not readily apparent at first. Many people disliked the new font too. Some folks, on the other hand, welcomed the changes. Tweets were aplenty, and individuals were busy sharing their thoughts about the situation.

As the social networking platform altered its fonts and style, some were disappointed, but it wasn’t everyone. Some others said they couldn’t tell the differences, while others have said they are fine with the alterations. Changes to social media platforms have been met with diverse emotions, and those that can easily adjust have done so.

Twitter is working on updating the fonts and style a little bit because windows users are experiencing some issues. They’ve also tweeted about it, saying that because people are uncomfortable with it, they’re working to bring some modifications.



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