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Whose songs are fading day by day: IFS officer on decline in the population of sparrows.

One of the most going viral posts on the social media platform is currently the one talking about the Sparrow population. Social media users came across a threat that started a whole big discussion on the decline in the Sparrow population. Well, this post made many social media users think about the times when they used to wake up listening to the melodious harping of the sparrows. However, it is only a memory as we do not get to hear them a lot. There was a time when sparrows were a common site and found everywhere across the city. However, now the time has changed and the decline in the numbers of the Sparrow population is because of the depletion of their natural Flora. 

On this World Sparrow Day which is happening every year on March 20 many people spread awareness about the bird. Also  Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan joined them and Shadow tweet where we got to see a photograph of a plake. It was dedicated to a sparrow that died back in March 1974. It is because of a police firing that happened in Gujarat, Ahmedabad. “Today is #WorldSparrowDay. Whose songs are fading day by day. But here is a unique thing to share today. Only plaque in world dedicated to #sparrow is in Ahmedabad. Dedicated to a sparrow that died in March of 1974 in police firing. People are beautiful !!” Kaswan said in a tweet shared by him. 

The viral post:

Talking about the plaque that was for the bird, it states, “During the 1974 Roti Ramkhan (Navnirman Movement) in Gujarat, on 02-03-1974,5:25 pm, an innocent sparrow was killed here in reckless police firing.” All the social media users who came across this week’s gesture were having many thoughts. Many were talking about the decline in the Sparrow population and triggered the discussion about the serious issue. “Sparrows were as common as pigeons in Ahmedabad. They are gone now, don’t know what happened. We even had so many vultures around the riverside. We used to live near the river and I used to get annoyed by vultures at the terrace because they were scary and I couldn’t play near them,” said a social media user in the comment section of the post. 

The movements taken to spread awareness:

World Sparrow Day is one of the most famous initiatives which was by the Nature Forever Society of India. They along with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and other national and international organisations started with the step. Mohammed Dilawar, an Indian conservationist who established The Nature Forever Society. Well, he is often famous for his hard work in saving sparrows. This organization is not only present to conserve house sparrows but also to spread awareness and discussions about the bird around the globe.

 Many social media users who came across this viral post also said how they should save nature in order to save the beauty of nature. Sparrows and many other birds and animals are getting towards the danger of extinction which has to stop. The comment section of the now going viral post is having many such comments.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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