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Why should you watch Halloween end on the big screen, know here?

Technically, movies about characters trying to escape a truly wicked, knife-wielding foe had been around long before the term “slasher movie,” but most fans believe that the 1978 film HALLOWEEN marked the undisputed beginning of the horror subgenre.

Leading Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis and iconic movie bad guy Michael Myers was first introduced to the world in director and co-writer John Carpenter’s landmark suspense masterpiece. It also began a successful franchise that, according to rumours, will end with one of the most eagerly awaited horror films of 2022, HALLOWEEN ENDS.

If you wish to count solely this particular timeline, the 13th instalment of the “killer” series, or the fourth, is actually its final book. There is no denying, however, that the conclusion of “requel” trilogy filmmaker David Gordon Green’s work is a major event that will be seen on IMAX when it opens in AMC Theatres on Friday, October 14. Here are three non-spoiler reasons why HALLOWEEN ENDS should be seen on the widest screen possible for die-hard horror fans who are planning to see it.

Incredible New Kills?

In the same way that there are many different kinds of horror films, there are many different kinds of slasher movie fans.

Some viewers are looking for the most horrifyingly graphic and inventively brutal scares they can find, like a scene from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE from 1974, while others may just want something that will appeal to their own dark sense of humour, which Wes Craven’s A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET or SCREAM franchises have always been good at. The finest of both worlds is offered by HALLOWEEN ENDS, though.

In the history of horror movies, the HALLOWEEN franchise has produced some of the most iconic deaths, and this most recent instalment continues the legacy of bloodshed by never holding back. A few death scenes are more tastefully tongue-in-cheek, while others are more realistic and truly upsetting. Some death scenes offer classic and simple thrills.


Two Legends of Horror Face Off?

The marketing for HALLOWEEN KILLS, the direct sequel to the 2018 requel simply titled HALLOWEEN, promised that Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode was preparing for another life-changing confrontation with the man who came dangerously close to taking her life 40 years before.

The horror movie protagonist, however, was really forced to spend most of the movie in a hospital bed and never even appeared with Michael Myers on-screen. Similar marketing tactics were used for HALLOWEEN ENDS, but this time, they were sincere.

In fact, Laurie Strode is in a better place in the new movie, which is set four years after the events of the previous two. Alison (Andi Matichak), her granddaughter, now lives with her, and she has learned to let go of the fear that has plagued her for years.

However, a succession of new killings upends her tranquilly and leads to the terrible, climactic conflict between Michael and Laurie that fans have been anticipating for years.

Never Before Haddonfield Looked Better?

The primary draw of this series is the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, especially in light of the fact that the Jamie Lee Curtis-free episodes are often the least cherished.

But the one character that is just as significant to the franchise as its main antagonist and hero isn’t a person; it’s a place called Haddonfield. Unlike Laurie, the survivors in the made-up Illinois town in HALLOWEEN ENDS are still finding it difficult to get over the horror they experienced years ago.

In every emotive and visceral scene of the film, the town itself serves as a symbol of the dehumanizing effects of persistent post-traumatic dread. It is clear from its particularly spectacular presence this time that Haddonfield has never had a more significant role in a HALLOWEEN movie than it does in this one.

HALLOWEEN ENDS is an occasion that fans of the macabre absolutely cannot miss because it serves as the climactic, concluding chapter to one of the most significant series in horror film history. It features some of the craziest and most creative slasher-movie death sequences in recent memory, gives its recognizable location a fresh feeling of current significance and relatability, and pits its two main protagonists against one another in a showdown for the ages.

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