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Woman swallows an AirPod thinking of a painkiller, know the story here!

We come across many shocking stories across the internet, as people share their experiences, which may leave us wondering for the reason. And recently, one such video compilation of a woman, sharing her shocking experience, is going viral. A woman reportedly named Carli Bellmer, went viral as she broadcasted her story. Her series of TikTok posts is getting viral in which she claimed she accidentally mistook her Apple AirPod for ibuprofen, swallowed it! Further, she also shares, not before the device blasted, a voice memo from inside her stomach.  

“So like, I ate my left AirPod,” a blubbering Bellmer, 27, who is better known to her 3,200 followers as @IamCarliiib, explained in the video that has gained over 2.4 million views. She continued the video saying, “I was crawling into bed and I had an ibuprofen 800 in one hand and my f–king AirPod — my left earbud — in the other,”  while TikTok’s infamous “Oh No” doomsday track played in a light sound in the background. 

Carli Bellmer, a podcaster and licensed esthetician from Boston, further informed she then mindlessly “passed” what she thought was the anti-inflammatory pill in her mouth and rapidly flushed it down with a swig of water. 

She said, “I then realized that it wasn’t the ibuprofen,” she sobbed. “I’m tired of puking it and it won’t come out, and I’m losing my mind,” Bellmer said in her weepy video.

The video cuts to a less weepy explanation as she further explains the reason she wanted to share the mind-boggling mishap she faced on the online platform. 

She said, “I’m not the first to do this and I definitely won’t be the last,” Bellmer insisted, noting that TikTok had removed her video from the video sharing platform several times before the app ultimately deemed it permissible. She thought the clip was repeatedly flagged because of some visible marijuana paraphernalia in her home. “So for educational purposes, I wanted to share my journey of how this is all going,” she said. 

She then also shared about the horror when “reality starts to set in” about the scary AirPod experience she faced. The video compilation has gained many reactions online. As many had a concern and asked her questions, on the other hand, unsurprisingly, Carli Bellmer’s claim that she confused the Apple product for a pain killer was met with some serious social media skepticism too. 

A user questioned, “How do you mix up ibuprofen and an AirPod?” “Sounds like a cap to me,” wrote another, and another suggested that Bellmer was lying about the ordeal for internet fame. But, some netizens sympathized with her. 

“In her defense,” a TikTok user wrote, “Ibuprofen 800 are huge so they do sorta resemble an AirPod if you’re distracted.”  

But in a follow-up video of her, Bellmer assured inquiring minds of people that an x-ray examination confirmed that the AirPod has then exited her stomach by way of defecation.  

“An x-ray showed that I passed it,” she replied to a commenter who expressed concerns over her health in the wake of the swallowing incident. “I had a feeling that I passed it. I did not retrieve it, but I know that it’s passed. I know that it was in my stomach and no longer is.”

But before she passed out the earpiece, Bellmer even sent her friend a voice memo that the AirPod, which was apparently still connected to her iPhone, audibly transmitted from inside her belly. 

She shared her tummy audio in a third post on TikTok, writing in the video’s captions: “It’s comical now, but very scary at the time.” But now it’s finally known from her that the AirPod just passed out. 

And surely, Bellmer was right that she is not the first person to face such a harrowing earbud-eating experience. In February, a Massachusetts man named Bradford Gauthier almost choked after accidentally swallowing his AirPod while he was sleeping. 

Gauthier’s device was surgically dislodged from his esophagus and returned to him, unlike Bellmer’s bowel-movement retrieval. 

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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