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A three day hot air balloon festival at Varanasi boosts up tourism!

The three-day hot air balloon festival was organized in Varanasi, which is now trending on social media at a higher rate. Uttar Pradesh has always focused on bringing up tourism and this step was taken by the government to do so. A three-day hot air balloon event started at Varanasi and the locals are amazed to experience it. 

Many states what it feels like to propel through the sky and get a view of the entire beautiful city of Varanasi which is also renownedly known as the spiritual capital of India. So many hot air balloons of different colors were flying up in the air which was organized by the Uttar Pradesh government to give a glimpse of tourism. The three-day festival was conducted during Dev Deepawali commenced on November 17. A video posted by ANI showed how many children along with their families were enjoying the view. Many can also be seen howling in awe and excitement in the video. 

source = indianexpress

The hot air balloons were looking absolutely stunning flying through the dim blue sky and turned the entire festival a huge success. “#Varanasi is though referred to as a heavenly city; however, getting its picturesque aerial sight is the subject of great excitement! #VaranasiBalloonFestival is here to satiate one’s curiosity. Experience surreal glimpses of Kashi from 17 to 19 Nov’21,” said UP Tourism’s post. 

“The bubbles popping up in the sky are shouting loud and saying #DevDeepawali2021 is here. Experience the joy of flying high in #VaranasiBalloonFestival on this,” said UP Tourism’s Twitter handle. “A flight worth noticing hundred moments, What a way to #kickoff the #varanasiballoonfestival.” tweeted Varanasi balloon festival. “Created, Captured, and Celebrated! Time will be on their side, sooner they will be taller than the basket to fly in a #hotairballoon,” said the Varanasi balloon festival. All the balloons were passing over the riverbanks of Ganga making the entire experience of the people in Varanasi more amazing and netizens were very happy looking at the UP Tourism’s Twitter account. Netizens also got a glimpse of the beautiful landscape of the city which made them happier.

  A social media user Twitter user, said, “My heart has been filled with joy.” Also, there were others who pointed out the security guidelines in the city.  “Hope they’ll maintain stiff guidelines..unlike overloading boats on sight seeing trips,” said another Twitter handler. The occasion was organized just after fifteen days after Diwali and the festival of Dev Deepavali is of Kartik Poornima which is celebrated beautifully in Varanasi. If the video looks so spectacular in the video then no doubt how good it would have looked in real life. 

Getting a bird’s eye of view of the steps of all ghats of Ganges riverfront being all lit up with umpteen number of earthen lamps on the occasion was something that came outside a lot and was noted many times in the comment section of the video.

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