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Women spotted trying to request a Cobra to leave our house gently! The video goes very viral.

We often come across many amazing videos of people communicating with animals in ways that leave many people amazed. Such a video is going very much viral on the internet when a woman from Coimbatore is trying to speak to a snake and asking it politely to leave her house. The woman in the window is saying nothing about a small Cobra that has entered her house compound and she is coaxing the snake in a very soft tone with gentle words so that it can leave her house. 

Her gentle way of speaking is what caught the eyes of many and she is also speaking to a cobra-like as if she is communicating with a small child. This incident happened in Coimbatore and the woman is using a stick to nudge Cobra that has entered the house and instead of panicking she seems very calm and is gently signaling the snake to go out of the gate. Well, the video also shows how the snake is going out of her house as if it understands what the woman is trying to tell it and it is following her words.

 Further in the video, the woman is seen continuing with her sweet words and kind gentle behavior towards the snake. The lady even requested the snake and said that it should not try to return to the house to avoid any further contact of the snake with humans for its safety. What an understanding bond between the sweet lady and the snake in the video. The total motherly behavior of this woman from Coimbatore towards the snake is what took the internet by storm and it got the attention of so many social media users who were amazed by her behavior. The way she spoke to the snake as if she was speaking to a very small child and trying to explain how much it is harmful to the snake to return to the house or to get in contact with the humans as it can even get killed is what was extremely new to be found in this video. 

Well, it is very common for people to start panicking and trying to go far away from the snake when they come in contact with it, but this sweet lady from South India showed a very soft side of herself towards the snake and many people were happy because of her sweet gesture seen in the video too. Truly a very amazing video and this is a type of video that we do not get to see very often on the internet.

source = youtube
Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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