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Another new version of Gulab Jamun has been found! Would you like to try this one?

Indian sweets and their unique recipes are what make them very famous. The savory taste of Indian streets and the ways people try to change it by adding their different recipes and creating a new version and fusion of it has always gone viral on the internet. Sometimes it turns a particular dish into a bizarre food. Whereas sometimes it leaves many people happy. Similarly, the classic Indian sweet dish of gulab jamun also has many versions of it and people love to blend their ingredients into the savoury sweet dish. Recently the recipe for bread Gulab Jamun went very viral and many people loved it as it was very simple to make and also the taste was very much similar to the classic Gulab Jamun sweet dish. 

Also, many weird foods which went very much online include Pizza cones, pineapple pizza, and much more. Similarly, unique fusion Gulab Jamun is currently going very much viral and unlike our usual Gulab Jamun sweet dish, this one is infused with a special ingredient that will make you amazed. Video 1 was initially posted online on Facebook by KirIk Adda and it has over 5.1 billion views to date. The sweet Gulab Jamun that is seen in the video is being injected with rum. 

The Gulab Jamun on the plate was filled with liquid with the help of small plastic injection and in the video, we can see that a small quantity of Ram was also poured on the top of all the gulab jamun. As the color of the rum highly replicates the sugar syrup which is used to sweeten the gulab jamun the video made an entry as a unique fusion of gulab jamun video you will ever find. The idea of this particular fusion of gulab jamun with Ram left internet users in shock. Well, many users who watch this video and are huge fans of Rum, as well as Gulab Jamun, loved the idea. 

They also stated that the genius trick of camouflaging alcohol into the classic Indian sweet is an amazing idea and you can try it for once.  The other users who don’t like alcohol in particular and are a few fans of gulab jamun did not like the idea and also called it a ‘criminal offense’ as the classic desert-like Gulab Jamun should not be mixed with alcohol. Well, not only this particular fusion of gulab jamun went very viral on the internet but also in August last year a food blogger tried to make pancakes with Gulab Jamun mix. The pancakes then were drizzled with sugar syrup and doused in sugar syrup which again made the headlines.

source = facebook
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