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Would you like to try this Fanta omelet that is going viral?

There are so many food combinations made around the world which go very viral sometimes because of their weird yet awesome taste or the weird ingredients that people include in it that make it yummy. Well, there are so many different inventions with food having different ingredients included in it such as the pineapple pizza or chocolate chicken, there are many such recipes which sometimes might win a few people’s hearts.

 But at the same time, there are also such dishes that can even make the super foodies too confused because of the weird ingredient combinations that you might find in them. Many such recipes can be found on the Internet and now the latest one that we have come across is a similar dish which is now known as Fanta fry or Fanta omelet. We can say that this bizarre food is actually a new addition to the list and it is also getting very viral because of its weird taste. 

Street food located in Gujarat is the only place where you will find Fanta fry added to the menu. Yes, someone has whipped up some eggs with the tangy Fanta drink and made this dish. When the food stalls chef and the joint owner told about the reason behind making a dish like Fanta omelet, he said that they have come up with this dish because of the “Public demand”. The taste of this dish is actually sweet and spicy retention of the egg dish which has both Sunnyside up and boiled eggs and is currently one of the most popular recipes that are going viral. 

The price of this dish is RS. 250 per plate and it actually went viral after a popular YouTube channel named  Indian Eat Mania where you can find many food videos featuring this dish. The channel’s latest episode featured the Surat eatery and the special Fanta fry dish is present in that video. The food stall owner literally makes this dish with Fanta and eggs and for people who are not a huge fan of orange soft drinks or specifically Fanta, he also has other drinks to combine with egg. 

Well, the food stall owner via the video has also informed everyone that they also make this dish with other soft drinks including ThumsUp,  Limca which they have named as ThumsUp try and Limca fry respectively. This dish of Fanta fry is surely served hot with bread that is pav where the gravy is actually paired with eggs and other spices, mashed potatoes, and also with none other than the classic green chutney to make it a whole complete sweet, tangy, and spicy dish. Many comments stated that people were not actually interested in tasting a dish like Fanta fry but the food blogger tasted it and called it a decent dish to try.



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