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Young boy’s epic fail of “katora cut” goes viral on the internet!

Well, nowadays haircuts can be risky in many ways. To get a new and fancy look sometimes, people try on some weird haircuts to sport a new look. While some people like to follow a new trend, some people also like to make a new trend. However, sometimes the hairstyles turn out to be quite opposite to what a person must have imagined. It can also lead to embarrassment or to tickle the funny bones of everyone. 

And especially due to covid-19 people are now forced to stay at home for their safety and manage to do their daily life activities at home. So from ordering groceries to cutting hair everything is done at home. Some people try to have a new haircut at home, and sometimes, unfortunately, turns out to be embarrassing and funny. 

Recently a hilarious video is going viral on all the social media platforms and it shows that the people who have gotten a bad haircut once in their lifetimes will surely relate to the scenario of the video. So in this hilarious video, a young boy is seen trying on and getting a new katora cut with the help of one of the family members. While it can be seen that the other family members were around the boy, and waiting for the final results. The boy was also sitting wearing an apron which seemed to be made up of a black plastic bag. The boy was waiting patiently till the ball was removed from the top of his head and his final and hilarious haircut was revealed. As soon as the family member who gave a new haircut to the boy removed the bowl from his head, everyone burst out into laughter and we couldn’t resist laughing here. Unfortunately, this hairstyle was unsuccessful but at the same time, it was a hilarious attempt too.


Since the video has been uploaded on the Instagram page named BVIRAL, the video is spreading on all the social media platforms and this video is becoming viral. The video was uploaded by this Instagram account along with the caption “it will grow back”. The viral video uploaded by this Instagram account has now gained views over 7 lakh the video also has many likes. This video has made many netizens laugh and also this video has prompted many reactions from netizens.

One Instagram user commented, “talk about Bowl cut literally. OMG!” Another Instagram user commented, “I am surprised he is smiling”. While another Instagram user was also comparing this kid with one of the Harry Potter kids by commenting, “turned him into one of the Harry Potter kids.” While some were laughing at the weird haircut, some people felt bad too as they posted comments like, “poor kid”. One Instagram user also compared him to Lord Farquad from the movie Shrek. But for most of the people, this hilarious video seemed to be funny and the comments section also overflowed with a lot of laughter emojis. 

Well surely to say that the internet is a great place to watch these types of hilarious haircut videos which have gone wrong, and most of the people enjoy these types of videos that go viral on the internet. Many videos such as this one have always gone viral on the internet and netizens have always enjoyed it by sharing it and posting comments regarding that video. This video too has received more than 7 lakh views and has passed 30k likes and still counting!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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