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YouTube plans to implement time reactions similar to Instagram!

One of the most famous platforms used by absolutely everyone present in this world is the first war YouTube full stop YouTube is some platform that hardly requires any more complex import than a simple remark. Or talking about it just a thumbs up or thumbs down. Well, for a few viewers who use it. The people using YouTube can use an emoji to express their feelings. When a certain point in the video arises, they have to react to it. 

It will connect with them, or it might not, and that’s when they can use these emojis. While watching a complete video on YouTube, users may get a sense of how others might have reacted to this particular moment in the video. In the comment area of each video, a separate reply panel will provide emoji responses. It is for that specific moment. 

Other similar features:

Well, similar features are already available on other platforms. It includes Facebook live and twitches. On such a platform, people can react and view the different reactions of other people who came across the video. This helps them to respond in particular. These reactions can be sad while watching a video, which is part of the entire experiment on YouTube is coming along with. It is done by entering the videos section area, and users can tap into the reaction panel. 

The experiment will also show the users the instances others are responding to. That is to all the reactions by the users who will stay anonymous. The YouTube platform is not looking forward to revealing anything about people who have reacted to a particular moment in the video.” We’re testing several sets of reactions and will add or delete responses as the experiment progresses!” said Meaghan, a YouTube spokeswoman. 

A new experiment:

As for the reports provided, Google also tried these new features on YouTube. However, they don’t always stick to waiting for a very long time. So you, too, have come up with this experiment with their team. It will allow viewers to time their reactions to key places in a video. Also, they will be suppressing the results. Well, YouTube does not have a lot or a huge number of features that implement the user interaction directly. It has a very limited number of alternators, and we have seen it for a long time now. 

A similar feature on other social media networks is that emoji replies have been hit-or-miss. Previously, Twitter also came up with the idea to experiment with emoji replies to tweets. However, the result of this experiment was mixed. On the other hand, videos might go on for a long time compared to that tweets. Thus, a video will have many responses and reactions from people more likely than tweets. 

YouTube producers are also expected to obtain more comprehensive user feedback. It will happen to know a lot about it by the emoji feature. It includes determining whether a joke was a hit or a miss. If these experiments succeed, they can be fully implemented as soon as possible. Also, it will become more interesting for social media users to react to a particular video more quickly. Not only for a whole video will they have to comment in the commentation of the video, but also they can comment just on a particular scene and it. Many videos on YouTube go on for more than 5 minutes to 10 minutes, and there are many scenes in the video that people like to comment on separately for.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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