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The pictures of beautiful Cherry blossoms from Japan take the internet by storm.

The beauty of nature is what always amazes many social media users. Please find so many beautiful pictures showing the beauty of our surroundings that always leaves a maze. The images are going very viral, and it is from a beautiful place in Japan. Japanese are known for their amazing rich culture and tradition. One more thing that makes Japan very famous among tourists from around the globe is the cherry blossom. 

Cherry blossoms are also very famously known in Japan as Sakura in Japanese. Also, to make a note, it is Japan’s national flower. Many people who came across it are now willing to visit Japan to glimpse the beauty of nature. The first birds of cherry blossom bloomed in Japan last week, and it started the beginning of the famous season. Every year, the cherry blossom season also attracts tourists from around the globe to Japan. Many social media users also around the country step out for the annual cherry blossom viewing. 

Well, talking about witnessing this beautiful season, the pink flowers are something that will always melt your heart. It came upon the streets and parks, and people were absolutely in love with it. According to the Japan Times, the cherry blossom season this year, and the country has flowers four days earlier than the average time. Many people who come across beautiful pictures on social media platforms are willing to go to the country to see this cherry blossom. The stunning Cherry blossoms are in full growth at the season right now.

Viral pictures:

 While talking about it, people were also able to visit different parts to get a glance at this cherry blossom. However, in many places, the traditional “hanami” picnics used to take place. Many people in Japan used to visit these places under the cherry blossom trees and enjoy their picnic. However, due to the strict COVID 19 restrictions this year, many such sites were not open for the public to visit. There are still many restrictions by government officials to keep the virus under control. 

These curbs were also popular spots like Inokashira Park and Yoyogi Park. These parts are under restriction with an entry for the public and prohibitions in banquets. Well, it makes sad many Japanese cherry blossom lovers, but the guidelines have to be in the application by the government. The cherry blossoms bloomed in other parts of the world, including Washington DC, where you will get to see the beautiful pink flowers. There are also many trees which have class planted back in 1912. Produced in Washington DC to address, it was a part of a friendship gift from Japan. 

Details about the cherry blossoms:

The cherry blossoms, the national flower of Japan, actually have very historical and cultural importance to the country. It dates back hundreds of years, expressing the significance of these beautiful flowers. A social media user on Twitter said about its importance, “In Japan, the cherry blossom trees are known as Sakura. They have seen as symbols of renewal and hope as well as a reminder that life is fragile and precious.” 

Such a beautiful gift by nature is what attracts so many people around the globe right now. Every year during the cherry blossom season in Japan, the pictures instantly go viral. Also, some Japanese social media users tend to the amazing moment of the blooming of these pink flowers in the cameras and share them with people around the globe.

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Sneha Sivakumar
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